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  • Techno Enthusist - Cool Concept if your into Tech

    Thought this was a cool concept: Being able to have a portable "desktop" PC. Hooked it up to an older (but not very old) Samsung TV and had no issues with setup / Windows 10. Saw some reviews about it being finicky about what TV it would work with so plugged it in to an older(-ish) Vizio. No problems there either. Had to use the picture size button on the Samsung TV to get it to fit, but the Vizio was perfect without any extra settings. I live in an above average tech household so WIFI is good; able to watch Netflix and YouTube with no problems. Next experiment will be to upload MS Office. I imagine it will work just fine, but wouldn't be too put out if it didn't; my main use will be streaming, which it does very well.

  • AfterthePages - I really enjoyed this book

    The Couple Next Door is heart stopping from the first few pages. The couple goes to a dinner party -without their baby- at the not so lovely next door neighbors. When they finally go home in the early hours of the morning the door is open and baby Cora is nowhere to be found. The police are called and the story begins to weave its tangled web.

  • Kit Cassingham - Easy and Effective

    I used a different product years ago to design our house. Fortunately our builder was able to translate our ideas, as represented by the result of the program, and create floorplans that the engineers could use. We love our house. And now that we are ready to build again we decided to give this a whirl. I love the ease and professional results I get from this program.

  • Nicholas Burton - No longer the product it once was.

    We have been Quickbooks users and vendors for many years now, and despite a recent uptake in technical issues, predominantly network connectivity, it has been a fairly stable program. However, the most recent version (fully patched and updated) refuses to work, or accurately diagnose it's own problems. Spending hours on hold (again) with tech support every time we install this for either ourselves or clients is simply not possible. I am therefore compelled reluctantly to conclude that this product is no longer something that we can use or recommend to clients. Personally, I am always sad to see a company succeed to the level where it becomes apathetic, or deaf to the concerns of its client base, but it does appear that is where Intuit have arrived.

  • C. Young - I recommend going to Walmart and buying the $3

    It works but know that you will have to punch a hole in the cover for the antenna - this is the major flaw for the 2014 Mustang.

  • Lisa Davy - Great if you don't mind gluten

    I loved this product until I went it gluten free. I can no longer use it. I get a face and head rash because of my gluten allergy