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Country:, Europe, SE

City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • Phillip V. Davis - Bad phone

    nothing but problems. turns off by itself, the battery life sucks, and it just wasn't a good purchase. i want to send it back today. tried to give it a chance but it's no good.

  • Linda Chudada - Died after a month an a half's use.

    I purchased this item on May 10 2016. I was happy that it met my needs and worked as expected. HOWEVER, Today is the 5th of July 2016, and it stopped working all together. So not even two months worth of use and it is useless.

  • Reanna R. King - A beginning to end thriller-- for its appropriate audience.

    Before I begin my review, I must introduce myself as an optimist and a very emotional, sentimental person who usually prefers happy endings. I cry at episodes of cartoon shows, and I tend to become very emotionally invested in anything I watch or read. Despite this, I have a soft spot for disaster movies, the more over the top the better. I went into this movie already having enjoyed Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, but unsure how I would receive this. The trailer wowed me, but I was unsure if I could handle a film of this magnitude.

  • Chrys - The Stuff is the REAL DEAL!!

    In our old 40yr old house, We had a bad roach infestation and nothing seemed to get rid of them long term. Raid roach and ant spray worked great on contact (they would literally die 2 seconds after spraying them). My mom went to Walmart and picked up some this Combat Source Roach gel (we call it roach peanut butter...dont ask) and I kid you not...after about a week we literally saw no more roaches!

  • Rosemarie Barker - Bamboozled?

    I think I have been bamboozled: For the past 8 years I have used Kaspersky Internet Security and never had a problem with the installation. I purchased the CDs from Staples or Best buy or down-loaded directly from the Kaspersky site. This CD from AMAZON arrived in a box that was taped closed (?) and now it will not activate. Not a happy camper!

  • R Lopez - Grandson Loved it!

    When my grandson loves it, Grandma is the worlds best Grandma. Nothing in life makes me much happier. I holds 3 darts and I bought a dozen more so he doesn't have to run and get them every 3 shots. His mother wants one now to retaliate.