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  • Dave - Fantastic piece of equipment!

    I didn't know much about Chromebooks so I did a little research and all the rave reviews led me back to the the Toshiba Chromebook 2 and I can see why. Simply put, it boots up and shuts down in 10 seconds. The picture and sound is outstanding. It connects to the internet lightning fast. What more can I's a great product for a great price.

  • louco - Good gift.

    Just received it and compared to my gear vr, the field of view is much more narrower. Haven't used the remote yet as this is a gift for my son. After further use I will update this review.

  • Alice - The Screen Crack Problem is Real

    I like the Chromebook, but I will NEVER purchase another Samsung Chromebook. In fact, I will not purchase another Samsung product until the company acknowledges that the problem with their screens cracking under normal use is a defect, and not the result of misuse. I purchased my first Chromebook for my daughter last Christmas. In terms of functionality, it was exactly what we expected. Eight months later, the screen developed a crack. I read about this problem on several review sites, and also read that Samsung was not acknowledging that this was a problem with the product. Since I had purchased the Square Trade warranty with the first machine, I went ahead and used that to replace the Chromebook. Less than three weeks later, the second machine developed a crack in the screen. This time I did go through the process with Samsung's customer service and sent the machine to Texas to have it evaluated. As expected, that company (Intelisol) stated that the cracked screen would not be covered under warranty. I want to make it clear that neither machine was subject to any rough handling or extreme conditions. The screen cracks under NORMAL use. Yes, I only paid $250 for the Samsung product, but I bought it under the reasonable expectation that it would function well for at least a year under normal conditions. I will not throw $250 away again. For that matter, I will not throw away the $50 it would cost to replace the screen (a product that is now available on Amazon, by the way). There is no reason to believe that the new screen won't crack just as easily as the first two did.

  • Monroe27 - Works great

    This soap works great for seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. It really does help. The only downside is that the bars are really small (travel size) and do not last long.

  • Đặng Lan Anh - Great product!!

    After buying this tracker, my life becomes so peaceful, now i don't have to worry about my keys and wallet.this device takes care of is easy to use and very is worth of five stars.

  • Blair A. Russell - The Gift of the Hutzler

    My new wife and I struggled this past year what with the economy down and both of us unemployed. We were not sure how we would be able to make it through the holidays with no money to spend on gifts for each other. We decided we would not buy gifts, but I love Christmas so much I just had to buy her something. My wife's favorite thing in the world is her Banana, she loves it almost as much as I love my trusty, but dull and rusty knife. I've always wanted to allow my wife to be able to slice and eat that banana but with my inadequate knife I could never satisfy her banana needs. I finally decided I would do what is necessary to get her the best gift this Christmas. So I did it...I sold my knife. With the money I was able to get the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer for her on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning we woke up and I reached under the bed to retrieve my special gift for my wife, surprisingly she seemed to be doing the same thing. When I turned over I saw her holding a gift.

  • Domo - Kept ice cold for more than 12 hrs for me ...

    Kept ice cold for more than 12 hrs for me. Haven't use it for any hot drinks yet, however expecting same performance.