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  • LizzyLiz - Halitosis suffer's dream

    I tried this mouthwash and really liked it, although I definitely can't give it a 5 star rating because it doesn't prevent morning breath like it says it will on the bottle. At least not for me anyways (I have halitosis). I used it at night and had exactly the same bad morning breath as always. BUT on a positive note I do feel that it did something extra for me that other mouthwashes didn't do, which is neutralize the bad breath instead of just masking it. Ohh and btw, it will get rid of garlic breath instantly! I use it twice a day and then at night I usually just use regular listerine mouth wash because it's cheaper. I can't say that the effect of Therabreath lasts all day because if you eat something you may still feel the need to pop a mint/gum etc. Unless your eating something really bland. Over all tho this is an amazing product. It will keep your breath wayyyy fresher than any other mouthwash out there. My breath stays fresh for hours! I haven't tried any of the other prodcuts like breathrx or anything like that. I have been wanting to try them all out for the heck of it. Ohh and btw I tried the Therabreath toothpaste and hated it. Tastes horrible (like the gel on crest whitening strips! weird!) and made my teeth very sensitive.

  • Ryan C. Mercer - I was skeptical...

    I was very very skeptical upon reading reviews and the simple fact he markets this product on an infomercial... however with my tax return I decided to go ahead and buy this basic 100$ model. I got on it the first day after I put it together... used it for 20 minutes that night then 10 the next morning. By the time I got off work that evening my calves were so incredibly sore (and my calves were nothin to laugh at to begin with (18 inches, muscle not fat)... wow I love this thing... I had to not do any on it for the next 3 days, I used it again last nite for 20, then this morning for 30... I love this thing, it really works, plus I love if you bend forward from the ankles you can work on your upper body. I highly doubt this calorie counter is correct (260ish calories in a half hour?!?!) However I never trust calorie counters on anything as none are acurate do to the simple fact people do burn amounts of energy a bit differently. I LOVE MY GAZELLE!!! BUY ONE!

  • ReviewDude - the best mashed potato mix available

    This is, without question, the best mashed potato mix available. I have fooled dinner guests many times because this product produces a result that equals or exceeds preparing from scratch. The instructions call for 2.67 cups of water, a half stick of butter and 1 cup of milk. I usually substitute evaporated milk or half and half, and sometimes I add a leftover potato skin finely cut to give the visual impression of whole cut potatoes. Some will want to add salt (which is a WHOLE bunch better that needing to remove salt) and I always like to add black pepper. The bottom line: Great mashed potatoes without the intense labor.

  • Jack Daniels - Some of the info is good but each person needs to get a blood test ...

    Some of the info is good but each person needs to get a blood test to find out what you really need. I started taking the yeast per his recommendation then later found out I was allergic to it. Overall, I like his advice. Like all books on health, you still have to get your own body tested to see what is exactly right for your body's health.

  • Mary E - 7 day free trial is going to backfire for Adobe and they deserve what they get.

    Used adobe products for a class I was taking. They switched from 30 day free trial to a seven day free trial (which is bad for students, but great for Adobe if they are trying to make money off of students) We are now using a different product from a competitor to Adobe. The competitor's product is more simple and less wieldy. Thanks Adobe for pointing people towards alternative software that works better! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Litig8r1978 - A must-have item for your car

    I like to keep my car's interior as pristine as possible. As soon as I bought my new Ford Fusion, I purchased these Weathertech mats for them The mats fit my car's interior perfectly, keep dirt, water and mud off the auto's carpet and are easy to clean. I'd recommend these mats to you.