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  • Dale - Decent

    Bought for daughter who is 10. I had to cut about 3" off seat post to get it low enough for her stature. The pedal arms loosen frequently. I have re-tightened them repeatedly and torqued them quite high. I added some Loc-Tite thread lock and seems help the issue but not completely remedy it. MInor issue that we can live with until she is good enough for an upgrade.

  • T. Phillips - Trapped five of the little monsters in as many days - good news since they're undermining the foundation on our shed

    This thing works amazingly well for ground squirrels in the Sierra Foothills. Trapped five of the little monsters in as many days - good news since they're undermining the foundation on our shed. Just put it out in full sun near the squirrel holes, bated with raw peanuts (no shells). Also found it a good idea to move it around every couple of days.

  • J. Alan Bock - The prognosis is dismal

    "We are standing today at the edge of the Fourth Great Crash and war in American history," says Thom Hartmann at the beginning of this book. "THe previous three," he says, " were gut-wrenching in their horror and bloodshed but they ultimately transformed America in ways which made this a greater and more egalitarian nation, . . They were predicted by Thomas Jefferson who said that periodic revolutions were necessary for America - and for any democratic state - to flourish and grow. And if they were stalled or blocked, then the ensuing crisis would be all the more intense." He put it best when he said:"If this avenue of periodic revolution] be shut to the call of sufferance, it will make itself be heard through that of force, and we shall go on, as other nations are doing, in the endless cycle of oppression, rebellion, and reformation; and oppression, rebellion, and reformation, again; and so on forever."

  • dee rogers - Love these!!

    I love these deep conditioning hair packs. Since they come individually packaged, you have the perfect amount for your hair. They also include a hair cap with each treatment. I like to wear it and sleep in it all night long. Great for a really deep deep condition!!

  • Matt Powell - Works on 2000 Grand Am!!

    I 'had' a leak on my 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. I would fill the power steering reservoir with regular power steering fluid, and within 5-6 days it whined like crazy, and eventually all leaked out.