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  • Tisha1 - Day One

    My cb-1 came in the mail on saturday, i didnt take a pill that day. its Sunday and i got up to get ready for work, took a cb-1 (and a maca root). i drove to work but stopped at mcdonalds before( this is only a 10 min commute). i could barely eat a 6 piece chicken nugget meal from mcdonalds! I sat at my desk and began eatting. i reached for a chicken nugget and realize i had ate them all!Then i realize that i am not yet full! im sure i could eat another 4 nuggets if i tried.

  • Rosez - and it smells great. I was hoping that it might restore or ...

    conditioning and strengthening my hair, and it smells great. I was hoping that it might restore or promote growth where my hairline is thinning after surgery, I do not see that happening, but I have only had the product for a little while. Overall, I am satisfied

  • Neal - Great Router/Modem!

    I Purchased this in November and NEVER had any problems with it. I was afraid of all the poor reviews but still went with it. 2 months still running fast and flawlessly! I use it primarily to watch HD streaming movies/cartoons(for my 2 yr old) on netflix from PS3 which streams pretty much all day and with no problems. Also used for Ooma VOIP, wireless laptop and printer, XBOX 360 live and iphone.

  • AmberT - THESE ARE A MUST!!!!

    OMG! I've been dying to have a pair of Ray-Ban & that's what I got! I love these...They're very authentic! The color looks lovely! I've been getting a ton of compliments on these! I'm happy that I did purchase them! I was worried if they were going to be too small or big, but they are PERFECT! I went to Henry Ford Optimize so they could put my prescription in. Not only can I see but I can look cute to lol

  • Carlos Diaz - Got rid of Gingivitis

    I had really bad breath due to some gingivitis. My dentist told me about this product. It's definitely on the expensive side so I don't think I would use it on a regular basis. But if you've got some nasty breath going on, this should fix that in about a week or two. Nothing else comes close when it comes to effectiveness - even the purple 'Battery acid' Listerine that so many people love.

  • Jeanette C - A must buy for women with thin or damaged hair

    I was already using the Shampoo and Hair lotion since June 2015. My stylist recommended the products since the hair from front part of my scalp fell off due to a japanese hair straightner that was performed by a stylist that had little experience with the product.

  • Ms Wiesen - hmm undecided

    I am not sure about this product. Its OK. I didn't notice any weight loss using it and if u try it then u need to be sure to eat a meal with it or it makes u nauseated