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  • Nicholas - Good mouse. lights stay on when computer is turned off

    Final mouse tournament pro is a good mouse. However When I turn off my computer if the mouse is still plugged in the lights stay on. If there was some way to turn of the light that would be great. It fits my hand perfectly and I like the two side buttons. I also I like that the mouse is very light. A lot lighter than my razer death adder 2013. I would recommend purchasing this mouse.

  • Topper - Too Thick to Use and Not Eligible for Return

    I cut open the shrink wrapped package today and opened the bottle to use for the first time. The glue was dried so thick inside the bottle it was a gummy mess and would not flow at all. The expiration date on the bottle is 6/3/2016. I tried to return it and found it was no longer eligible for return. Do not buy this item. If it is like mine, it is totally worthless and you are stuck with it, no pun intended!

  • J. Decarli - Minitek is a excellent most of the time

    I have had my Minitek for a month and use it almost daily. As other reviewers have said the performance on the TV or music device thru the transmitter is excellent. I now can understand the softly spoken words on many of the English movies with accents making hearing them difficult. It's performance with my iPhone is not as good, but much better than any solution I have tried prior to it. The mintek must be located almost equidistant from each aid to deliver sound to each ear. Half of the time when answering a phone call I am not sure if I will hear the caller thru my aids as there is nothing to tell me the phone is connected. I have found that after pressing the "phone" button on the remote and saying "Hello" if I don't hear a response in my ears I put the phone to my ear to see if the phone is not using the bluetooth and is operating as a standard iPhone. When it works it is excellent. I find the sound quality excellent and very easy to conduct conversations.

  • Z4Speedster - Great value

    Quickbook Pro is the easiest accounting and payroll software in the market today. Ideal for small to medium businesses to manage the finance without the big budget.

  • anna - Seems like good stuff but I compared the ingredients to Crest ...

    Seems like good stuff but I compared the ingredients to Crest Pro health which is like $5 bucks and much cheaper than this and the ingredients are the same so I will probably just buy that from now on and wont bother with buying this again.