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  • Kenneth R. Jurek - The Latest Digital New Yorker is a Smash Hit!

    The latest incarnation of the digital New Yorker seems to be a winner. The download to my Kindle HD seemed a little dificult at first, but then everything worked out with the new 2014 issue. You do have to download older issues, but that isn't a problem. The new issue has bigger print and navigation is a breeze. They finally worked out the kinks!

  • Wilson - The Registration process sucks!!!

    The program might be good -- the registration process absolutely sucks. I nearly returned the product in absolute frustration.

  • B. Kein - Disappointed...

    I'm an avid short story reader and I rarely find fault with the annual Best American Short Stories, but this 2014 collection seems to lack the lyricism, grace and style I would expect to find in such a well-regarded volume.

  • Jennifer Long - Love this stuff!

    I have greasy roots with dry split ends...and this stuff really balances it all out. I have no split ends developing when normally I would by now (its been 6 months since my last trim and I dont even need one yet). I cheat and use a applicator bottle to get it to the scalp or my hair will look greasy. If I dont wash it completely out then it will look greasy. So the trick is to get it to the roots and rinse rinse rinse. My hair is normally limp and dull and now its boucey but not "puffy". I tell eveyone about it.