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  • TS Phillips - So nice not having to plug my phone in all the time!

    I loved this item! It works great! The first one I received was defecting and the seller seen my previous review and contacted me. I told them the issue with the old one and they were very kind and helpful also sent me a replacement free of charge and the new one works excellent no issues. So I upgraded my review from 3 stars to 5. For selling a great product and customer service. Thank you Pleson!

  • CAHS - Recommended as a part of a hair growth regimen

    I'm not sure if it was really due to this product, but my hair did grow back in a rate that seemed to be faster. But it's hard to say that it was ALL due this product - I also used coconut oil and massaged my hair, used the inversion method (to bring blood flow to my head), and I used biotin (which is a B vitamin) to help my hair grow faster. I'll update my rating in the future if I have any new observations, but it seems that this oil is a good part of a larger regimen in promoting hair growth and health.

  • John Hazard - This is great stuff. The name says it all

    This is great stuff. The name says it all. You spray it on, and in no time all the mold and mildew is gone, and it stays gone for months. It truly lives up to it's promise. I've told many friends about it, and they are using it now.

  • Amazonbuyer - Nice line but frustrating to accomplish.

    This item came in a very nice gift box. There were no instructions in the box, but there was a card that listed the company’s website. On the website there was instructions on how to use this beard guide properly.

  • ANGELA - Almased Multi-Protein Powder

    I think this product is really good, yes I have been drinking this for about two months. I normally make a shake in the morning and one at night. I do have fat free milk and Nesquick chocolate in mine. I don't feel that it adds that much in the way of calories. I have found my self feeling better and having more engery. I have recently added the liquid mineral and vitamines to my daily routine. I must say I am 53 years old and have not had a lot of engery, at least not what I used to have. I work and try to do other things at home, you know the norm. But I also want to write and draw & paint, and trying to find the time and engery for all of what I need---

  • J. Morgan - Heavenly scent

    This cream smells so good, and feels so nice on my skin, that I use it where I don't have stretch marks. I had originally purchased this cream during my first pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. I'm not saying the cream worked (it may just be my genetics) but I haven't gotten a single stretch mark in any of my three pregnancies. I am not currently pregnant but still use this cream because I love smelling like chocolate :)

  • Anthony - just didn't work

    So just a little background on me I've been working out for years I'm a certified personal trainer and strength and agility couch. This stuff did not work for me at all did not help me cut weight I wasn't sweating anymore then I normally do just didn't work .