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  • Amazon Customer - An Obvious Fact

    I have been disappointed with the last three Longmire Mysteries. The earlier works had better character development with plots that kept the reader engaged. I may have to take a break from these Mysteries and find something else to read.

  • Amazon Customer - making me walk down in the basement at the worst times (like 3am) to restart it

    I had my Navien installed in 2012 and have had nothing but problems with it, it has turned off at least 50 times since it was installed, making me walk down in the basement at the worst times (like 3am) to restart it, the installer and the Navien rep have been to my house countless times with no permanent fix. I believe there should be a class action lawsuit opened up against Navien however they would just blame the installers for all the problems their units have.

  • Jacqueline M. McPherson - Classy Look

    My husband loves this antenna. He says it gives his new 2014 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited a "great look." Thank you! Mrs. J. McPherson

  • Jess - Super cute - daughter loves this more than "Chip" (the dog robot)

    I love robots - so we recently purchased Cozmo and Chip (the robotic dog by Wowwee). While both are super fun, Cozmo genuinely seems to have more of the personality and to interact more fluidly with me, my 6 year old, and my 1.5 year old. I asked my daughter (age 6) which she preferred, and she said "Cozmo! Because he loves me more. He even says my name." To be fair, Cozmo is new and we've had Chip since last month... but I do understand what she means. Awww. She loves making little homes for him and she lets him win because he gets so upset when he loses. Definitely a toy that fosters nurturing - so cute.

  • Leeanne - Does What It Is Supposed To Do

    I had bad lime stains on my black tile from very hard water. I also had roughness in my kitchen sink from the same. I used this and it took it away. For those jobs I used it full strength. I also used it full strength on my shower head and kitchen spray, and diluted in my coffee pot. If you have nasty lime filled water like mine this stuff is miraculous.

  • Zachary Long - What are these new rules? Stick with classic and disregard

    I don't really get these new Fire & Ice rules, and based on the other reviews here on Amazon no one else totally understands it either. If you read the instructions you can just play Classic rules even with the new version and board. Classic rules were great for my 4 year old but even us adults don't get the new game so we just made fun house rules for what to do with the fire and ice tokens and new board spaces.

  • Daniel Lufkin - A nice everyday monitor that won't bust your budget

    Very nice product. I wanted just one for my new Raspberry Pi adventure, but I bungled the order and received three units. The image was so good on the R Pi that I used one of the extras to replace my wife's elderly monitor and returned only one. (The refund procedure was painless and quick and I could just drop off the return unit at a local Staples with the full refund credited to my Amazon account the same day.)