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  • mayumi - Didn't work for me.

    It does give electrical pulses, but it doesn't do much help in relieving pain. I was supposed to use this for lower back pain but it didn't matter how many times i use it, the pain didn't ease up even a bit. Maybe it's just not for me.

  • I love Amazon 2 - Make sure to measure for a correct fit

    I ordered the Mava Knee Sleeves for a relative of mine who is dedicated to working out. Make sure that you measure the circumference of the knee area to get the correct fit. Don't order smaller thinking the compression is going to be any better because it will not and you will be stuck with something you can not wear. I love the fact that these sleeves come in different colors. I picked the red. The next thing I like about the product is the fact that you are actually receiving a pair of the sleeves. So many other vendors sell only one sleeve at a time. My relative indicated that the sleeves were easy to put on and one good tug assured a great fit. He indicated that while he went through his workout at the gym the sleeves were comfortable and did not get in the way of his workout. He enjoys the knee sleeves so much that he is wearing them now as recovery sleeves after his workout and during basketball games. He indicated he would rather hand wash these sleeves and they have held up after several washing I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • Jess - a linguist and someone who learning new languages comes unusually easy, was recruited by NASA to make a trip ...

    On the heels of reading/listening to the Paradox trilogy, I was in the mood for more spacey books. Space and French memoirs- that’s been my reading life lately!

  • Carmen - It works! But it takes a while....

    I don't have the hair I used to have when I was young but there's been a dramatic increase in the amount of hair I have now....but I must say that it took a full 6 months before I began to see new re-growth....and you must use it according to directions and stick with it....Many people have comment on my hair and have asked how I did it....highly recommend it!

  • SasprillaGeorge - Might be good for baby nails

    Might be good for baby nails. But doesn't work so well on adults. Husband wanted to try this out for his toenails as he suffers from ingrown nails easily if they are not cut properly and thought this might help. The opening was so narrow he couldn't use it that way. Tried it on his fingernails, and it does work to some degree, but he said it wasn't a very pleasant feeling and it left the nail ragged, not smooth like a clipper would.