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  • Girl - Cheap, thin material that damages easily.

    Cheaply made, thin booklet that was damaged when it arrived, with dents and creases on front cover. On all sides, even the cover, you can see definite divets or indentations from the other side where the coin is supposed to fit, and separated only by a very thin shell of paper or cardboard. Definitely not sturdy and definitely not made to be handled or used. Ugly.

  • Jennifer T. - So convenient

    Love the way the coconut oil dispenses. Sometimes I have to warm the tube in my hand a bit, just because it's winter and has been so cold. But this is so easy to pack/carry around in my bag and the dispenser is more hygienic than dipping my hand into a jar of coconut oil.

  • lana woolverton - Not totally happy

    We got the NR-240A and have had some problems. First, the plumber didn't program the pump to recirc and it took 3.5 min to get hot water. After programming, the pump will run, shut off, and come on again between 15 -45 seconds depending on conditions. Also, you can hear the motor run. It's not real loud but annoying. Plumber worked on it with tech support (not much help) for 2 days to keep the pump from continuously running. They finally set the programming to run for 30 min. and rest for 1 hr. hoping that the water in the loop will stay warm enough. I'm not pleased with all this, but we are working with the plumber to see if he can resolve.

  • simplemama - Convenient and well made!

    Fits snugly. Very convenient for keys and phone. I wish the cup holder was wider to fit larger water bottles. It pretty much only fits a standard plastic disposable water bottle.