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  • Lisa Kay - The bomb!

    Just want to let you know this product is the bomb! We bought a new house over a year ago and I have been researching and trying floor care products ever since. I have natural or light stained oak floors with a urethane finish. When we moved in they were very glossy, but over time they seemed to dull. I clean and vacuum often so they weren't dirty. My neighbors thought the finish was beautiful but I knew what they looked like on move in day. Today I tried Quick Shine and I am SO please. I only had time to apply one coat but the difference is very noticeable. Application was quick and easy. If you are looking for that wet or glossy look this is the product for you!

  • Altar Boy - Some Good Ideas . . . But Bad Implimentation

    If earth is the only stop then one has to question whether Christian morality has any merit or purpose at all. If Jesus was a myth created by men then perhaps Obama's relativistic belief in a world where man moves forward not backwards is logical, as social and economic progress and redistribution of wealth in a universe with no heaven may be the only reasonable path to achieve universal fairness. HOWEVER, if life on earth is part of a Divine Plan revealed by Jesus Christ, then social and economic progress and ownership of property needs to be made consistent with this Revelation. Because this book fails to conform to orthodox divine revelation it may be in some respects anti-Christ. It calls for action by MAN despite whether that action may go against the inspiration and leading of the Holy Spirit and His Church. The Amazon review of the book by "the young theologian" is a good point by point unraveling of what I'm talking about.

  • Teamsr2k1 - Great mats for all weather!!

    Same price as if you ordered direct from WeatherTech and faster shipping with Prime. It's a no brainer!

  • Emojohnson74 - Don't waste your money

    I bought 2 bottles, so I could practice before I went in for the actual drug test. I followed all the directions & did at home tests every 2 hours for 8 hours & they all came up positive for THC. It costs more then half of what I paid to return the second bottle. If you're trying to pass a drug test, this wont work.

  • Nora Canfield - This is an amazing product of many uses!!!!!

    I just want to say that Cell Food is AMAZING. It has given me more energy it tastes great(like lemon) it is a genuine healing product! I read another persons review about how it gets rid of warts and BOY did it! I had a small wart on my finger and applied it once and it was smaller 2 days later! Have done one drop for 5 days(every other day) and the wart is completely gone! My mother has psoriasis on her knee and we put a few drops on it and there was an INSTANT difference. The film of dry skin was GONE!!! It may have stung a little(no more than peroxide) but what a difference! My sister uses it on pimples....gone! So, I highly recommend Cell Food.

  • Btphan - Highly Recommended!

    I have used many different types of hand warmers before and I must say that this is the best, in terms of performance, hand warmer that I have ever used! I'll go ahead and just list pros and cons, since that is the clearest way for other buyers to decide whether or not this hand warmer is for them.