Clear Recovery Center - Alcohol and Drug Treatment - South Bay LA - Clear Recovery Center provides Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services in Redondo Beach, CA. Contact Clear Recovery Center today to learn about our services.

  • About | Clear Recovery Center in Redondo Beach - Drug Addiction Rehab - Clear Recovery Center provides alcohol and drug treatment services for both adolescents and adults. Learn more about our Clear Recovery Center services.
  • Staff | Clear Recovery Center - Clear Recovery Center is staffed with treatment professionals with decades of experience in addiction treatment, mood disorders, and family support.
  • To the Families | Clear Recovery Center - A letter to our families. At Clear Recovery Center, we understand families benefit from groups such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon and CODA for support and education.
  • Tour | Clear Recovery Center - Clear Recovery Center offers its brand new flagship facilities in the heart of the South Bay in Redondo Beach.
  • Adolescent Outpatient Program | Teen Addiction Treatment & Prevention - Clear Recovery Center's Adolescent Outpatient Program is an innovative addiction treatment solution tailored for individuals between the ages of 13-17.
  • Adult Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment | South Bay LA - The Clear Recovery Center Adult Outpatient program addresses chemical dependency and substance abuse in a multifaceted addiction treatment model.
  • Outpatient Drug Counseling | Addiction Treatment | Southern California - Clear Recovery Center's individual counseling services provide a safe, supportive and confidential environment to address issues that are concerning you.
  • Group Therapy | Drug and Alchohol Addiction Treatment | South Bay LA - At Clear Recovery Center our clients are not alone; receiving support from group therapy imparts a sense of hope and shows our clients recovery is possible.
  • Family Therapy | Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment | South Bay LA - Clear Recovery Center's Family Therapy assists the family and client improve communication and resolve familial conflicts. Learn more about our process here.
  • Nutrition and Exercise | Staying Sober | Drug Addiction Treatment - Clear Recovery Center believes in the importance of consistent nutrition and exercise. It plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in recovery.
  • Alcohol and Drug Related Legal Issues | Clear Recovery Center - Have you or a loved one been charged with a drug-related crime? Clear Recovery Center can help you navigate your legal issues and support you in recovery.
  • Detoxification | Clear Recovery Center - Seeking detoxification? At Clear Recovery Center can help find the right detox facility and/or addiction treatment center right for you. Contact us today.
  • Intervention | Clear Recovery Center - Need help with an intervention? At Clear Recovery Center we can assist you finding the correct interventionist in order to help your loved one get recovery.
  • DUI | Clear Recovery Center - Just got a DUI? Clear Recovery Center can help individuals convicted of DUIs find alternate sentencing in the South Bay, Palos Verdes, and Los Angeles, CA.
  • Sober Companion | Clear Recovery Center - A sober companion from Clear Recovery Center provides one-on-one assistance and recovery support to newly recovering alcoholics and addicts. Learn more here.
  • Drug Testing | Clear Recovery Center - Clear Recovery Center Drug Testing provides a level of accountability and boosts esteem by allowing clients to see integral results. Contact us today.
  • Admissions | Clear Recovery Center - Clear Recovery Center's easy admissions process can begin the change that you or your loved one needs to achieve happiness and success in recovery.
  • Contact | Clear Recovery Center - Redondo Beach, CA 90277 - Contact Clear Recovery Center today to learn more about our adolescent and adult alcohol and drug programs. We are here to help.

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