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  • OkieMe - Absolutely love!

    Since I've been taking these, my nails and hair is less brittle. My nails are strong and long, and stay that way. They used to chip and break so often I'd keep them all short. Now they're long and gorgeous.

  • Nita L. - Bald spot coming to a end

    I love this product, the cream is so thick I use it three time. A week on my problems spot and it's keep my hair moisturize for days. Would I recommend this product yes

  • Matt W. - Love Garcinia Cambogia

    Love Garcinia Cambogia! The stuff is not a miracle pill. I repeat, this is NOT a miracle pill. Proper diet and exercise is still super important. The pill however can help you in eating better. It does a great job suppressing my appetite, helping me eat less. This has led to weight loss, but I am also exercising which is very important. Give it a try, I am sure you will see similar results! Also, I love that these pills are small! I sometimes have a hard time swallowing large pills, but I can take three of these before meals at once without a problem!

  • Jeffrey Lail - Convienient

    I order a lot of things online and make a lot of debits from my checking account. The bank will give you extra's for free but it is just too easy to order them here for a nominal charge...

  • Boomer - Great Product!!!!

    New Update: June 9, 2012... I had a sinus infection, took antibiotics, hucked up yellow discharge, then urine started to get scanty a few weeks later, and I ended up in the ER getting a catheter. Got that out 2 days later, but still having some problems, going to Urology soon. BUT, at the Chiropractors, found a CANDIDA PROBLEM!!!! AGAIN!!! SOOOOOOO....Guess what....buying more Threelac. I am sure to be on the mend soon, and hope not to be going to Urology. Candida can mimic many things. It can get into your Urinary Tract, and can get into your kidneys and bladder. I am fairly hopeful that the Threelac will clear it up. Great Product.

  • Natalie R - Better than a Coozie!

    This coozie/can cooler works amazingly. I am very particular about my mountain dew staying as cold as possible while I'm drinking it. This does a great job of insulating your beverage and also does not promote any condensation on the outside. My soda loses the fizz long before it gets near room temperature. The solid structure of the can cooler is also nice compared to the old style foam coozies and I like that they shaped it to fit in cup holders in the car. It's not too bulky and the can fits snugly inside. They did a nice job designing the screw top that has a rubber lip to keep the can secure. Your lip still touches it a bit so it's weird for the first few sips but after that I no longer noticed it.

  • got2lovethatfire - Where have you BEEN all my life?

    Softcup is seriously the best invention by the human race. I find myself asking duing my period every month, Where have you BEEN all my life, Instead Softcup?! I wore pads for a few years when I first started having my period, and then I discovered the tampon, which seemed amazing at the time, but with a busy schedule, that 4 hour timeframe on a tampon just came up too quick. I can't tell you how many times I have ruined underwear or pants because I bled through a tampon, even when I changed them regularly. You know that little movement you feel down there that sends you running to the bathroom to check for leaks? Now you can forget it with Instead Softcup. I have not leaked ONCE in the 4 months I have been using Instead Softcup. This was with an active schedule as well. Marching band, walking all over college campus, working (sitting and standing throughout the day), anything! I have not had a single problem with this product.