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  • Andrea - the perfect thickness, love the scent - all round terrific

    I use the coconut floss - does not shred, the perfect thickness, love the scent - all round terrific floss

  • Pedro Sandoval - Hands Down best screen protection pacakage

    I've never had such great experience installing a screen protector. IntelliArmor put great thought into helping me install my screen protector without any air bubbles or dust. The packaging is superb and you get everything you need to install your screen and keeping it looking great. I bought it for my Nvidia Shield k1 tablet and I could not be happier. It's the nicest looking screen protector you'll ever have.

  • celeta mccall - NOT WORTH THE MONEY

    I was very disappointed in this product, the first time I bought it paid 20.00 for two bottles then I purchased again I found it at Walmart for 11.88 for two. Okay, I have been taking this product two months straight just finished the second bottle yesterday. In two months I have only lost 1POUND!!!!! Now during this time I am exercising everyday except Sundays for the last two months I am a doing a different challenge every month I am also watching what I eat. Out of all the diet pills I've taken this is the worse.

  • KB_Wills - Answer to my prayers!

    After being constipated for three days, my poor 6 month old son was in dire need of immediate relief. I didn't want to give him a harsh laxative, I had already tried peaches and was nervous about giving prune juice to such a young baby. After looking on the internet for a natural alternative I came across Mommy's Bliss. I couldn't find it local so I had to wait a couple days for my order to come. In that time my baby got much worse. Crying while trying to pass a bowel movement and not sleeping well because he was so backed up. Once it arrived I wasted no time giving him a dose. Not much happened so hours later I gave him one more dose. Within the hour I was changing his diaper and he started to poop.....and poop.....and POOP! I'd never seen him go so much and when he was done he was all smiles! The next day he had two more full poopy diapers and he's been good ever since. Thank goodness for this product. It's effective, fast and safe.

  • Josiee - Feel great

    I take pregnenolone every morning. It combined with a no grain diet makes me feel wonderful. No brain cloud or fog and my memory is on track. Without it I can't remember names or if I took my pills. Best supplement to keep your brain young and supple.

  • Shoutingtoe - Works graet

    If you have a Bob Stroller and a Chicco car seat then this is the adapter you need. It works great just as you would expect with either the Bob or Chicco Line of products. Small, lightweight, simple to use. Just snap it in and you are good to go.