CodeineFree - Codeine free is a support group for people with dependency problems on codeine or dihydrocodeine based medicines. - is a small self-help support group for people who have, have had, or have family members with an addiction to codeine, dihydrocodeine or codeine based OTC medicines. We are run by 3 former addicts who beat their addictions in different ways, a specialist substance misuse nurse, charge nurse and a pharmacist.

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  • Dr. Tubby Gooberman - Horrible Skin Reaction

    After about 6 hrs on the back of my knee, in cool weather taking it easy (out of necessity), the thing started itching so bad I had to take it off. Although it demanded to be rubbed a bit, I certainly never rubbed or scratched to anywhere in the vicinity of raw. Seriously. I was at home convalescing so I simply got up, walked in the BR and put it on. I had to dose it in cortisone to keep from scratching it. After that, I never touched it. But not because of the cortisone. As the first slather of OTC cortisone cream wore off a few hours later, It started burning. Like a bad chemical burn. I had to continue the application of Cortisone from the time of the application of the SINGLE salon paz patch in early January through March and into May. Everyday, 3 times a day. I can still see the outline of the burn.

  • Edward Schwartz - works great

    It will seal up any head gasket leak and will not clog the cooling system; its a brilliant product; Stealership wanted $2400.

  • Rachel - Nice board, horrible planchet.

    Planchet not very high quality and doesn't have very good or quick movement across the board. Other than that piece, this is a nice board and very cool with blacklights on in the room. Ended up just using a shot glass and had much better reaction and mobility across the board.