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  • Cathryn Conroy - Fabulous! What a Treat

    Fabulous! That is a one-word review of this collection of short stories, all of which were published in 2014 and culled from a myriad of magazines. With the exception of just two of the 20 stories, I had pretty much the same reaction after reading each one: "This is the best one of all!" They run the gamut: A tale about Madame Bovary's dog, a story about a fraternity's adoration of one college woman, the end of a bitter marriage, life in a lookout tower deep in the Idaho mountains and a story about soldiers deployed in the Mideast. This is a treat yourself! I enjoyed it so much that I bought the volumes for 2013 and 2012.

  • raveen vann - Such an awesome book. Really enjoyed it

    Such an awesome book. Really enjoyed it. Liam and Elizabeth were great together. She came back after her stepfather has passed and Liam had been there with him for the past few months while she was away at school. He fell in love with her before he ever set eyes on her. After they get together Liam's enemy decided to threaten her. It got crazy but I really enjoyed this book. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.

  • Craig A. Brubaker - I was connected with a man of very broken English who I was dumb enough to let remotely control my PC

    What a joke. I received an activation code not a CD. After searching the net to find out how to activate the code, I was funneled to multiple choice phone numbers. EENIE, MEENIE, MINEE, MO!! I was connected with a man of very broken English who I was dumb enough to let remotely control my PC. He told me there was nothing he could do unless I was willing to let them charge me 300.00 bucks to remove 10969 threats first. My computer has been running fine. Just wanted a better protection than windows essentials. I instructed the guy to put my computer back the way it was and disconnect. WHO DO YOU TRUST??? I am not happy and give this -0 stars.....It took me a scan and 2 recovery's to get my PC back. I believe it was an attempt to scare me out of 300.00. Pissed off.

  • Dudly - Word for Mac

    Works as expected. The Mac format is a bit different than the windows version, but you catch on quick. I like having the ability to use word on both my windows pc and my wife's mac.

  • David G. - This product is no good it is a phony...

    Do not buy this item, don't do it to yourself. First of all as soon as you plug it in it leads you to many different screens and at the end of the day it's asking you for your credit card number and be mindful it states its free but there's still asking for your credit card number. So I called them and the young lady stated that she was not aware of rabbit TV but the number I call was to some telemarketer trying to make me give my credit card and when I refused she said well there's nothing I can do. I asked to speak to a supervisor minutes later the supervisor tells me the same thing I was very disappointed. So I disconnected it from my laptop. To make a long story short by the second day I had five viruses that killed my computer which cost me over $200 to get that crap out of my system. So whatever you do take it from me a dissatisfied customer do not buy this garbage it is a waste of time and a fraud...

  • M Gerrish - Round One

    I gave this item a few test runs when family loaned it while on vacation, which is fortunate since I incline towards buying a new vacuum product if it even sounds a little good. And this one sounds great.

  • Laura Lambert - Taste is blah

    This tastes like watered down chocolate milk and is not really thick. I am okay with the taste but was hoping it would taste creamier. I am training for a mini-triathlon and can use all the help I can get. I used to be very heavy and through diet, exercise and green coffee extract