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  • Sandy Lee - Closeout pricing for a great entry level roadbike

    My review may be tainted by a bit of nostalgia. Over 20 years ago, I bought a DiamondBack Master TG. I rode it every sunny day I could. I got into a wreck, trued up the wheels, put a Scott DH bar with clamp-on shifters (the cables were a sight to behold) and kept riding it until it was stolen from me in college. I bought a Trek aluminum lug/carbon tube bike, but didn't ride it nearly as much. Sold it, bought a Trek 5500 and rode that bike even less. I saw this model on closeout, it was the last one available, and I thought, "It's in my size, what the heck." It was delivered quite quickly and I got to work on assembly.

  • Dogula - Dog loves it and it actually works

    Our dog loves it. I was wary about something that you just spread on the dogs teeth, but this stuff works great. We tried brushing her teeth before, but all she did was fight us, so that never worked out at all. Once we get our fingers in her mouth with this stuff, she relaxes vbecasue she likes the taste. If you not sure about this, give it a shot because it is not that expensive

  • garythegrim - Not the best of The Best American Short Stories series

    Having spent a great deal time in airport bookstores over a twenty year period, I became a fan of The Best American Short Stories series. I haven't done much flying in the past five years and moved away from my need to have a book in my possession that I could put down easily without feeling that I was missing something. Recently, I seized the opportunity to download and read this, the 2013 edition. Perhaps it's sign of the times, but beginning with Heidi Pitlor using the Foreword as a platform to put her personal anxieties about gun violence on display through nineteen of the twenty selections, the reader is treated to dismal stories about flawed individuals and their less-than-uplifting experiences that left me frankly depressed. The sole exception to the other dreary tales was "The World to Come" by Jim Shepard which, though fitting the pattern of the rest of the book, was rich in old words which were new to me and carefully crafted. I have purchased The Best American Short Stories 2012 and hope for something better than what was provided for 2013.

  • Jessica - I'm really glad I did

    This is a really interesting brush. When I first saw it I thought it looked so similar to the artis brushes which are significantly more. With the price of this individual brush being so much cheaper than the $60+ artis brushes,I thought I would give it a try. I'm really glad I did. Using this style of brush will absolutely change how you apply make up. It definitely takes some getting used to, but it makes application a breeze.

  • JandT - Unparalleled CGI effects overcome predicable characters and storyline

    2012's special effects effect on me (if you'll pardon my awkward phrasing) was like a diabetic falling into a vat of pancake syrup -- in other words, a major sugary high followed by a sense of intense overdose. This film elevates the art of CGI to a whole 'nother level. No longer will the viewer be satisfied seeing a single spaceship (or whatever) blow up while the rest of the screen is comparatively benign. From now on, the entire screen should be filled with absolutely captivating CGI action. I found my eyeballs pivoting right and left, up and down ... trying to capture the whole experience: buildings and bridges collapsing ... cars and trains cartwheeling through the air ... monumental!

  • Aviva - The cookbook we've all been waiting for!

    This cookbook is geared for children and young adults but it will please readers, cooks, and Harry Potter fans of all ages. My kids (ages 14, 12, and 8), have finally found an activity they can all agree on - cooking and sampling savory Harry Potter recipes. This book covers every single recipe that appears in all seven of the Harry Potter books. Ever wonder what Pumpkin Juice tastes like? Or Treacle tart? Well, you're about to find out!

  • petula winmill - Shifter Origins #1

    Tiger shifter Prince Kael has just witnessed the assassination of his father, and takes off after the killer. It appears to be one of the criminal panthers. In the days following the King's death Kael learns just how divided the different types of shifters that live in the city are.