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  • Mark Lenox - Incompatible with Windows 8.1

    This so-called "upgrade" to QuickBooks is far less user-friendly than prior versions. The ability to re-size windows to work in two sections side-by-side is nearly impossible now.

  • Rhonda Moore - Breaks after one use!

    This item broke after one use. The ball guide that prevents more than one ball from entering the catapult malfunctioned and made the machine useless.

  • grammymoody - Like the low acid of this coffee

    I had tried the coffee before. I drink it because of the no acid. I have reflux very badly and this coffee doesn't bother my reflux. I do not care for the taste especially, it taste like any instant coffee, but I drink it for the caffeine and that morning coffee "fix"... very expensive... with the shipping cost, 40.00 for 30 cups of coffee!

  • Sarah Walter - Smells great if nothing else.

    I tried this for the first time last night. I'm not sure if it will have any effect on my hair - I have ethnic hair and wash it every other week. It did leave my hair soft though, and it smells absolutely fantastic. It reminded me of those blue gummy sharks with marshmallow bottoms.

  • Evolving - Don't Recommend

    I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but when a product effects my health I think it is best to warn people. I have been sick since taking this product with stomach pain and bloating after taking almost a whole bottle of the caffeine free formula. I didn't have this reaction to the caffeine formula but my doctor told me to cut out caffeine. I read the label and it said to stop taking if you have stomach pain. I didn't lose any weight on it either.

  • TDGrimm - Still unprofessional install/scan/fix process

    So far PC-MATIC is performing just as poorly as it has for the last decade or more. The install process is burdensome, the anti-virus may or may not have started, cannot configure until after a scan, pc-matic does not successfully reload after a scan and fix, afraid of what other bad things are coming. I still have no idea if the anti-virus part is even working yet. Three thumbs down.

  • J. R. Murphy - Good Update

    This upgrade is supstantial and leaves major room to grow. It took about 20 minutes to set-up (taking it out of the box, installing the upgrade, and playing a game). This isn't that long considering we waited 8 years to get a system upgrade. The user interface is great and the multi-tasking is awesome. Playing games and watching tv is now easy. It takes some getting used to, but the functionality of the system is awesome. I am extremely happy with this purchase.