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  • Hersheybar10 - The BEST IDE HANDS DOWN...

    I've used my share of IDE's from codeBlocks to xCode, and they all fail in comparison to vs 2012. Everything is so much easier to find, and the entire layout is redesigned. One surprising thing is that this actually runs faster than the previous version - which is a huge plus.

  • Nico - Frequent Crashes

    -The Good: Nice visual interface, some new functionalities are good additions, great compatibility with PC-made Office files (the only selling point that forced me to buy it);

  • David M. Lewis - Beginners only

    It's okay for a beginner but there is no way you are going to make a good deck out of this. You simply do not get enough redundancy of good cards. For a good deck you may often want 4 of the same creatures, at least two of similar spells. With this, you just get a mash of various stuff. With one box you have all the lands you need. After that, you must try to throw together some type of deck, but it's often not focused on any particular strategy or theme. For the price get what you pay for.

  • Jason - Really works!

    We struggle with mice in our garage and sometimes in our house. Every fall when it gets cold, we start seeing signs of them. I installed this in my laundry/mud room which is attached to my garage. This is the spot in the house where they enter the house. We are now a couple weeks into the cold weather here and I haven't seen any traces of mice in my house. This is a set it and forget it product. I plugged it in and it requires nothing else. Very simple to use and so much more efficient, effective and humane than the other mice control options available. This is a great product and I highly recommend it.

  • jmtjohn - I am surprised but happy to hear Simplisafe has some interest in its customers

    I am surprised but happy to hear Simplisafe has some interest in its customers. Here are the items if very poor performance of Simplisafe: