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  • Jeff - ok with replacement wheels

    noticed bad vibration in front wheels on anything but indoor super smooth surfaces. contacted UppaBaby and was told it was due to a manufacturing defect with the front wheels. they sent us new wheels which fixed the problem. so solid marks for customer service. nice stroller otherwise. looks nice. folds and unfolds super easy. quite a few moving parts, so hopefully it will hold up long-term. not sure it's worth the cost relative to other much less expensive alternatives. baby doesn't seem to notice the difference between this and the $15 walmart special.

  • somekindofwonderful - No-Poo is the best!

    No-poo is the best! My mom introduced me to this as one of the first sulfate-free shampoos. I use this when I style my naturally wavy hair curly, with the DevaCurl Light Defining Gel. I have fine hair and it doesn't weigh it down. I don't have to use conditioner with it but I often do. So often you have to build hair back up from shampooing, using products to get it back to that shiny, easy-to-manage condition, but No-Poo cleanses your hair without removing all of the "good" stuff. Also love the large bottle and pump, really easy to use.

  • dustin gray - I wish e-books read like regular books

    I wish e-books read like regular books. Not sure why page numbers don't exist. Even during overlaps page numbers could be listed in the middle of a page so we know how to reference where we are