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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • so cal - So far so good

    I bought this bag after some deliberation because it was slightly on the pricier side, I was not familiar with Timbuk2 bags, and the look of the bag was iffy. But, it's been three weeks into my Europe trip and so far so good! The bag is great because it packs a decent amount of stuff into a flat area, which I like because when worn as a backpack (which I've done exclusively), it isn't bulky. I can move around trains and planes without bumping into people. It also fits into overhead compartments on all planes and trains as well.

  • Cathy A. - Nice looking shoes, in this world of blazing shoes, black is the new red.

    The shoes fit, there isn't anything that is wrong about the fit but they still are not very comfortable to wear for any amount of time, the Arch may be a little high or the top of the shoe is not high enough but they are good enough that I will keep them and hope that they break in.

  • Amazon Customer - Loved this book!

    Victor Gischler takes us into a great fantasy world. Loved his take on magic infused tattoos and how one heroine uses them to save her duchy when the King refuses to help. Sometimes a girl just has to do it for herself. It kept me fascinated and reading long past my bedtime. Could not put it down!

  • Kindle Customer - Loved her music, but not so much the book.

    I received a copy from NetGalley, in exchange for a fair review. The book was an interesting blend of the stories behind many of her songs, interspersed with heavy name dropping. I'm not criticizing it, and I realize it is her story, but every act seemed overblown. Her marriages, neurosis, mother problem, and cast of famous friends, mostly left me cold. In one story, she talks about going to Elizabeth Taylor's for Thanksgiving, but never mentioned where her young son was. Was he with his father or a nanny? She just seemed almost indifferent to family, while falling over herself to please her famous friends. I love many of her songs, and while the stories behind them were interesting, her story as I said, just left me cold.

  • R. Geneste - Kinky Curly Curling Custard isn't for people with type 4 hair

    I bought the product because I have really frizzy, kinky type 4 hair. I have a mixture of type 4 a and b. I tried it and it did create more curl but it was very dense and kinky curls. It didn't give the type of curls you see on the website. It does leave your hair pretty dry and causes more shrinkage. Also, it's a process in application if you do have very very very kinky hair like I do. You have to have soaking wet hair and if it's not it has no effect at all. If you like the texture and look of you hair right now and you want a extra curl to it- I would recommend it. However, if you thought it would transform your hair in any way- this isn't your product. It doesn't do miracles you can't have a type 4 hair go to a type 3. It want give you loose curls if you didn't have it already.

  • Southern Collard - Great product and wonderful customer service.

    This cream really has reduced the fine lines on my face! I have less of a baggy eye look too. My friend was just telling me over the weekend how I looked so different and happy. I didn't want to tell her my secret!