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Dallas Dermatologist | Cosmetic Dermatology Consultants Dallas TX - Dr. Euwer and Dr. Maris are American Board Certified in Dermatology Medicine. Come see the Dermatology Consultants: Dallas, TX leading Dermatologists.

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  • http://dallasderm.com/belotero Belotero™ - Dermal Filler | Dermatology Consultants - Belotero™ is a new Dermal Filler that is for the smile lines, vertical lip lines, chin wrinkles, corners of the mouth.
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  • Daniel C. - Love the look, but a bit tight on the fit.

    Its a bit tight when fitting the grill. Also, if you have a winch and upgraded stell bumper, you have to take those out to fit the grill.. just an FYI. My friend bought the grill too and he said there was extra plastic molding and he had to file them off. 6/10 quality.

  • Mick Bird - The war ends

    Finally the war between the forces of Admiral Strong and the Simulins forces has come to a end. The crew of the Distant Horizon, completed their task of destroying the Dyson Sphere. But they was surprisingly able to survive. At the last moment they was able to exit to an area where AIs built by the Originators control. They with the help of the AIs repair their ship with new weapons and return to help win the final battle. With them they carry the cure for the last living Originators. I for one will be looking forward with interest to reading the first book in the next series of books.

  • ThomasH - Okay product for the price

    I use this product as a small business owner that also does bookkeeping for a half dozen small businesses on the side. I end up purchasing this every year just for the Enhanced Payroll subscription...going on 7 years now. Intuit is the 800 lb gorilla in the industry. There are lots of other options and wannabe's but few have the ubiquity, quality, and versatility--all for a reasonable price. Is it perfect? No. Is it garbage? Absolutely not. Most of the negative reviews seem to be people frustrated that a better or easier or cheaper alternative isn't readily available. Of course I wish I could still find it for less than $100 like only a few years ago, but that ship has sailed. For what it offers, it's a decent product.

  • Allison - Does NOT fit every table, not even close!

    I read a lot of reviews and watched a bunch of reviews on youtube and found that a lot of people sung the praises of these chairs. I bought two for my boys and what do you know, not one table that I've tried YET (5 tables so far) have these worked on. The little loop is too narrow for any normal table. They now sit at the counter. We are keeping them because they work just fine for that, but it would have been nice if the boys could sit at the table. The little loop part is only about 3", so unless your table has no lip at all, these probably are only good for sturdy counters/bars.

  • sade henry - Flat head pillow

    It is way small for my 4 month old. I believe i see progress from the slight flat spot. The material is soft but difficult to clean in my opinion.

  • Lyn Cody - eye opening

    This movie makes you see the reasons why he has done what he's done in his presidency. Whether you like him or not this movie is eye opening as to the man and what makes him tick. I highly recommend seeing it.