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Dawn Waldron – Personalised Nutrition & Life Coaching for Breast Cancer Recovery - Dawn Waldron, Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach. BANT CNHC Dip.ION BSc(Hons) Studying MSc Personalised Nutrition. In Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 0LS & via Skype

  • https://dawnwaldron.com/testimonials/ In their own words… – Dawn Waldron - "After my diagnosis of breast cancer, I bought [a well-known nutritionist]'s cook book and tried to help myself - but there were so many unfamiliar ingredients and it felt too difficult. Coming to see you showed me that you can get well with normal food. It's such a simple message and it has made it…
  • https://dawnwaldron.com/consult/ Getting Personal About Food – Dawn Waldron - If I've learned anything over the years it's that not everyone wants to take nutrition as seriously as I do. A lot depends on how ill you are, but it's also a personality thing: some people have a passing interest, while others (like me) feel nutrition is the holy grail; some people approach it from a biological perspective whereas,…
  • https://dawnwaldron.com/consultation/ Two can… – Dawn Waldron - It takes around six weeks for your body to respond to diet and lifestyle changes but most people find it takes three to six months for changes to become habits. Few of us have the luxury of being able to focus on ourselves for that length of time, and most of us need extra support to persevere when…
  • https://dawnwaldron.com/contact/ Let’s get together – Dawn Waldron - I love helping people. How can I help you? If you want to make an appointment for nutritional therapy or coaching please read this page first. If you want to make an appointment for professional mentoring then this is the page for you. If you want to get in touch for any other reason then…

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  • John Mullender - Cheated by Amazon

    I feel I was cheated. You will see from my order history I bought a download version of this product as well. I did this because I received a message that the delivery of my disk order had been turned around mid-delivery and returned to the sender. I think it was because I had left instructions for USPS to forward my mail to WA from CA beginning on the day it was to be delivered. I did not know that the order was to be delivered USPS, and I had received some recent orders by UPS. No problem, I just ordered the download copy (my second order). What I was NOT told was that Amazon (or USPS--I am not sure) went ahead and delivered my order to my second address in WA. When I arrived in WA, there it was. I downloaded a permit to return the product, sent it in, and received an email rejecting my refund request because I had tampered with the product. I had no reason to reinstall the product. I can only guess that I may have put it in my disk drive to be sure it was the same version, but I don;'t remember even doing that. It seems to me that even the people at Amazon might wonder why I would order and install a second copy. I am an Amazon Prime subscriber and order a lot of stuff from Amazon. I am really disappointed in the way I have been treated with this order.

  • MelK - keeps em dry

    Used for pole fitness classes and weight lifting. Careful on the pole however this stuff gives your a heck of a grip and if you need to spin to much will cause you issue. Sweaty hands are a thing of the past.

  • VSmith - This was very easy to setup

    This was very easy to setup. I had no issues and works well with the wireless keyboard and mouse I purchased, Anker brand. No issues at all. My dumb T.V. just got smart...

  • jallopy - Fantastic Phone

    Great phone. Slim and easy to use. No bloated skin from manufacturer makes it easy to use.Wish there was more onboard memory

  • WealthyPioneers - Quick, Easy and Accurate Thermometer

    I have purchased many thermometers over the years and this one is the easiest to use and very light weight and nit bulky at all. It works fast which is great because children quickly become impatient when getting their temperature taken. Other thermometers I have bought used small, funny watch batteries that I never had extra of and the thermometers would stop working when I had a very sick child, so inconvenient. I highly recommend this to anyone. You easily insert it into the ear and it reads the temperature within just a couple of seconds. I also like the easy to read display screen and the plastic, disposable ear shields that click onto the tip.

  • Robert S. Grossman - Just does not work well

    I purchased the NEAT scanner after hearing their radio ads. I finally set it up and gave it a shot. I do not recommend this device at all. The accuracy of their software is awful. First, I have to edit just about every document I scan in. It just seems that the software cannot recognize most documents. Second, it does not duplex documents. If you want to scan both sides you have to run the document through again. So you cannot scan a lot in at one time. Third, business cards really suck. Out of 40 cards I just scanned in as a test. The results were pretty bad. Just looking at the most basic simple cards, about 40% were unrecognizable and need to be completely entered manually. About 40% had multiple errors even with the most basic information like their name or state. The balance had slightly better results, but every card needs to be edited. Not a single card came in 100% accurate.

  • Paul - Switch Panel

    Only problem I have is the "start" knob should be spring loaded, i.e. select left, right and both the turn to start and release once started. Otherwise has made flying and selection "electrical" items easier than the screen and mouse.