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  • readingteeners - LOVED this book!

    There is something about watching an author come into their writing, to mature and show how multifaceted they can be, that makes me so happy. RS Grey continues to surprise me and A Place in the Sun is, in my humble opinion, the best she has ever written. This book combines the humor and romantic comedy we have come to know and love from Grey with an emotional story filled with wanderlust and second chances. This story is filled with flawed but relatable characters, smart dialogue, and exciting places.

  • Decadent Tenshi - My go-to moisturizer!

    This is my favorite well-priced moisturizer at a pretty good price when compared to big box / drugstores.

  • Kylie Fennig - Good Case

    This case came in great packaging and was as described. I am all about keeping my phone protected because like anyone else, I have dropped it one too many times.

  • Glen - I like the extra large size of it because my ZTE ...

    Well, first of all, I like the extra large size of it because my ZTE Lever phone can fit into it easily. But...viewing is another issue. My eyes are fixed into the lower portion of the videos while wearing it, and I have to look up to see the upper portion of the videos. I have to tilt the top of the headset out away from my head in order to see videos with a better viewing experience. Also, the head straps are not comfortable at all. The side strap is set to low and does not want to stay in place. The straps are too tight for sure even when adjusted to it's furthest possible distance. It needs some work for sure.

  • Matthew Ocean - Best Blender For The Price!

    I did a lot of research on which blender to get after my old one broke. This one kept popping up, and the reviews were good. Bought it, and use it every single day to make smoothies and protein shakes. If a Vitamix is too expensive for you, I'd definitely recommend this one.

  • motherearthdoula - Kaplan NCLEX-RN

    Seriously this book helped me pass the NCLEX RN on the first try with the minimal questions. The most helpful aspect is the strategies it gives you for answering the NCLEX questions! I highly recommend this book over other test bank focused books as it really prepares you by giving you the skills to find the correct answers with confidence! Plus it beats paying the $300+ for the Kaplan review course!

  • Stephanie - Awesome Carseat!

    I'm a first time (neurotic) mom and when my daughter was ready to make the move to a convertible carseat, I researched practically every one on the market. All carseats must meet certain safety guidelines, so its important to find the one that fits your lifestyle, your baby and your car. With that said, I LOVE this carseat.