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  • Amazon Customer - not a miracle but still useful

    If you are looking for something that gives you energy this is good. I found I stuck to diet much more when on this. Of course you still need diet and exercise but this does keep u alert (caffeine) and does curb appetite a bit.

  • Archer's Paradox - Software is literally in Japanese

    My only issue is that is does not state in the description that the software is in Japanese. All the icons for instructions and help information are in Japanese. Once you figure out how to install it, the install allows you to select other languages to operate in. Took some time with Google to get set up and working. Would have been a 5 star other than that. But the wasted extra time and effort made it a 3 star.

  • K. Nelson - Wonderful

    The seat is light weight and easy to set up. Since we have started using this chair we noticed that we are able to relax more during dinner since our son sits much closer and feels very secure then in a restaurant high chair. We also took this with us while traveling and it took up little space in the suit case. We have only had one table we could not attach it to, so it is very universal. As one other review mentioned using the suction mats eliminates the problem of food getting dropped.

  • belladonna - Excellent

    Huge Afro Celt fan. This is a great compilation of their work over the years . Well done good listen cd

  • AmsHawes - Love it, water-swishing and all!

    This water bottle tucked inside my flip belt is just perfect for my 3.1 mile runs. It holds just the right amount of water to quench my thirst while running. I never carried water with me before, but always wished I could, so this is a great idea.

  • Paul - DOA...but they replaced

    Unit was Dead-on-Arrival. The light flickers every now-and-then and gives a flash of power to the USB ports, but it's a dud. Thought I was going to get a lot of power for a good price, but.....beware.

  • Haley Turner - OBSESSED!

    I cannot go a day without this product! It has completely transformed my hair back to the quality I want it at. I spray it on after every shower. Hair is silky smooth and air dries and also blow dries much smoother! Highly recommend it.