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  • EnriqueDracula - Really works, just need a good sprayer depending on where you are applying it

    Bought a new house that had build up of green algae on the hardyplank siding. Read that you shouldn't powerwash siding or you could damage it. So tried this instead. Just spray it on and wait for the next good rain. Looks great now.

  • Norma Davis - Heard it all before

    It was an good analysis of the presidential election. Apart from some interesting tidbits, no new ground was covered. In that I mean the approach was not much different from all the books out there about the election. But it's an o.k. read.

  • rawraws - Informative but lacking

    First off I will say this book does an excellent job of proving, as the title says, why stomach acid is good for you. Almost the entire book is devoted to explaining it. I have already suspected almost everything it discussed so that was no surprise.

  • The Gills - Pain Free

    A doctor nicked my bile duct during gallbladder surgery in December 2012 and ever since I have had pain in my right side. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not, sometimes it's just an ache and sometimes it's excruciating. I think my body has stopped responding to Tylenol and Advil so I checked out Turmeric. It's a God send for me and I love it.