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  • Summer Davis - Good Night's Sleep, Woke Easily

    I usually hate taking night time sleep aids because I feel worse in the morning despite having slept 8 or more hours. This was mild enough that it helped me fall - and stay - asleep, but didn't make me feel like I had been hit by a pack of trampling elephants the next morning.

  • Donna Ann Dye - Excellent Auto Product -

    Works perfectly. Looks better than the original equipment and clears the garage door when I back out. Ford should use this product.

  • Camera Shy - Well Made and the Case is Top Notch

    I have not yet had the chance to use the hole cutter and will accept others' comments regarding how well the device works in practice. I will comment on the product itself. First of all, the packaging is first rate including the blow-molded case which is top notch. The hole cutter components fit quite nicely into the case keeping everything together for the next time you need it. As for the tool itself, every component appears quality made. The shroud appears to be well made of thick plastic and the cutter is well designed. I gave it a dry run and it seems pretty solid. The device has exceeded my expectations and I'll provide an update once I've had a chance to put it to use.

  • Ana P. - I like it, everything in time, but missing 2 things.

    My glasses did not came with the "The Icons" little book like it's in the picture, and no stamp in the lens. I'm getting doubts if it is really original. I would like te seller to tell me why.

  • Yoli - Recommended!

    Book kept me intrigued the whole time! I wanted to keep reading to see how Dennis managed to get out of the current mess!