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  • Books from Avalon - English Section was very Helpful.

    I chose three stars because the Mathematics section was confusing. I really liked the English section; my grammar improved a great deal and the humor is very uplifting. I would recommend this book to a teen that already has the Official ACT study book. After an hour of studying, it's good to read something funny to relax your mind and I believe this book would do just that.

  • carmencatt - nice scent, but didn't remove a thing!

    It's obvious this is for sensitive skin. It left my skin feeling soft and the added little conditioning stick is wonderful. The only thing is-it did not remove any stubble-at all. I even extended the time beyond what it recommended and it was still "stubborn stubble." I want to find a product that works and also that doesn't take half my skin away in the process. This won't take the skin away with awful chemical burns but it won't take any hair either.

  • Brian C. Smyth - Visual Treat

    Usually I have major problems with disaster movies because the characters and plot get lost in all the action packed special effects. Even most of the acting takes a backseat but with 2012 it's a little different. At times it can be very silly and over the top but to be honest this movie was so intense I didn't pay attention to the faults of this film. I just didn't care. 2012 honestly kept me on the edge of my seat most of the way through and let me tell you the special effects were mind blowing! Absolutely remarkable! It's worth watching just for the visuals alone, seriously. This is the real purpose of CGI. Everything nowadays is too much CGI and it's ruining films in my opinion because it's over-used in films that don't need it. For something like this that goes beyond anyone's imagination is just perfect and done correctly. Critics will find a lot of things wrong with this movie because it's not perfect, nor is any movie but this is just pure entertainment at its best. It's intense, sad, and quite sickening how selfish some people can be when the world has turned into complete chaos. Kick back and enjoy this jaw-dropping visual treat!

  • Christopher Geannakopoulos - I am extremely pleased to have used this product

    After much research online, I gave this product a try. My car was throwing a P0430 code, and an additional shadow code. Nissan told me my 2002 Pathfinder with 124k miles needed a new cat for the price of $1300+. Obviously, I laughed and went the alternative route. The P0430 code was only on for about a month, and it was sort of intermittent, so I felt that the parameter of "below threshold" to me meant the cat was still working, but just slightly under "code". Nonetheless, I tried this product, and after about 300 miles, the light went off. It has been over 1200 miles since, and the light has not returned. In that time, I was able to get my car inspected to avoid that whole mess. For this, I am extremely pleased to have used this product.

  • Jeffery D. - Other then that makes ugly wood beautiful again.

    Nails are hard on blade. Doesn't take much to screw the blade up. Other then that makes ugly wood beautiful again.