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  • harvey - I'm happy to wait a day to watch them

    Road Warrior Ray would've died in episode one.... I'm happy to wait a day to watch them. The are worth the wait. Thank you Amazon for even providing them to no cable-goers who love this series.

  • tombo - I think it works but some cautions

    I used the product for about a month. It gives you bad dandruff. I'm talkin about like dime sized flakes in some cases. However it did seem to stimulate some hair growth. I don't care too much about the dandruff, but it was causing me some chest pains and I just felt "weird" so I stopped using it. I feel back to normal now after about a week of not using it. I may ask my doctor if it's safe to keep using.

  • R. K. Wieder - Ins and outs

    Great read if you are in to politics- the behind the scenes! Very interesting to find out who wanted this presidency more- Ann or Mitt!

  • Ladyhawke - Quantity omitted from Product description

    All sellers should be responsible enough to include accurate and complete product information for their products. Many sellers seem to omit this and it is not good customer service to do so, in my opinion.

  • Kinda D. - But to me still a good buy.

    I bought these running shoes for my daughter, who just recently joined cross country. She loves the color of the shoes, but said the fit is rather tight. It is taking her a minute to get used to them. But to me still a good buy.

  • Pixie - Do not put your cat health in danger

    I don't know if the 5 stars reviews were honest or not but this product doesn't work. When my cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroid I immediately ordered Thyroid support based on excellent reviews. After whole month of using it my cat's appetite only slightly increased not enough to gain her lost pounds back. The product did not lower high blood pressure associated with hyperthyroidism so in result my cat's heart was weakened . I have seen my cat shaking from blood pressure being so high! The product description is simply misleading . After four weeks of using we went back to a vet to check her T-level and of course it was very high, no wonder my cat wasn't getting any better. The company says to only use this product ,no mixing with methimazole, so tell me Pet Wellbeing, how do you want me to do so if your product puts cats in danger? To bad I missed return date now I am stuck with whole bottle of useless product. Any one who left 5 star review wants it ?

  • Catchmeister - Awesome cooler for the money!

    This is the best value in a softside cooler! I used to be one of those hard-core hard-plastic ice chest guys. Not anymore. A GOOD (emphasis on good) softside bag is far superior to hard chests when it comes to convenience, storage, handling, and just looking cool. Everyone who borrows my Igloo Ultra tote loves it!