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  • Amazon Customer - A Bad Fit

    Not as shiny as I would have liked. Compared to original Honda crossbars its dull looking and does not seal like the Honda original.

  • Amanda Kelly - Amazing

    This product is very amazing. I have been having a problem with mold growing on my wall every time that it rained. I had been using bleach because the media teaches you that bleach will kill mold. Every week with no fail the mold would regrow.

  • Evans - Just When I Wanted to Give Up I Found Relief Here

    Absolutely nothing seemed to help me get any relief from horrific night sweats and I was blasting my partner out of our bed with three fans all night long. Before they became more committed to the couch I knew a change was going to have to happen somewhere. My doctor suggested a hormone test and sure enough, I was low on estrogen. Within a month I was really noticing the difference, and I found myself not drenched beyond belief every night. Now, it did take some time to see much change, and week 3 seemed to be the big turning point for me results-wise. So, stick with it at least a month before you give up.

  • Sealion - Magic jack plus is working well

    I dropped my Centurylink phone service provider and switched to a Magic Jack Plus about 4 months ago. I have been very pleased with it. My limited previous phone service was costing me about $500 per year with no long distance service. I had been using dial up computer service over that land line, but finally went broadband DSL for about $30 per month and dropped the phone service land line. So now I have high speed internet at home along with MJplus phone connection that has many more features for a combined price less than my old phone line service. The sound is clear. Long distance in the USA is free. I dropped my old home phone number and took a new one for free with MJplus which is no big deal. In fact, that has had a great benefit in that all the political and charity and salesmen unwanted calls have ceased as they do not have my MJplus number!!! It was easy to hook up by following the instructions. I bought an ATT 4 handset phone with base station that I hook into the MJplus and all the phones work fine around the house off the base station. I now must dial the area code on all calls made from the MJplus phone system, but that is only 3 more didgets for those calls not in my directory. Be sure to read all the info on the Q&A in the MJplus website and the reviews on Amazon to be sure you know the features and cost/differences. Guess the only thing less expensive would be to just use our cell phones with no home phone of any sort, but my wife refused to knuckle under to that idea. Guess the $2.50 per month average for MJplus is a small price to pay. Final comment, I could not fax via the MJplus the first time I tried it, but the customer service was very helpful in telling me what I needed to do to my fax speed setting on my HP printer/fax and now my MJplus line does handle sending and receiving faxes with no problem. All is good.

  • Toni Toth - Came in 2 days! I bought this bear for ...

    Came in 2 days! I bought this bear for my grandson even though he is 10 years old. It's very soft and cute.