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  • Friend of the Truth - Loading batteries into the remote is a chore.

    Good picture but a couple of pieces of information missing. This set comes with a smart remote. Three people tried to get the back off of mine before having any luck. Place the remote face down on a non skid rubber surface (like a jar opener pad) using a similar material press down (moderately hard) and in the direction of the arrow on the back. Calling Samsung will get you nowhere.

  • Amazon Customer - just perfect

    I've been using this for a while and always pleased with the high quality. Just perfect. Highly recommend to anyone.

  • Amazon Customer - I've always liked playing with memory) I especially like the technique of ...

    I've always liked playing with memory) I especially like the technique of mnemonics. It helps to remember different things such as a shopping list. This book is a good reminder of how well developed your memory! Easy and enjoyable to read.

  • Amazon Customer - Works Pretty Great!

    This past year I have become a bit of a makeup junkie, purchasing several high-end products for the very first time. Most of these purchases have been in the form of MAC eyeshadows, which retail for either $11.00 or $14.50 each (depending on whether you get them in a pan or a pot). Because I began spending so much on eyeshadow, I wanted to make sure that it would not fade or crease throughout the day. I was getting recommendations for both Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion, but because they are the same price and have equally favorable reviews, I went with the less complicated packaging and chose Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Overall, I give TFSI a rating of 4. Not only is the tube super convenient, but the product sticks to its promise of prolonging the wear of eyeshadow by preventing creases/fading. And for those of you who are wondering, this product isn't just designed for higher-end shadows. Many of my drugstore shadows display an increase lasting power and become super blendable when applied over a thin layer of this. And because TFSI is tinted, it also evens out eyelid discoloration and makes the eyes look a bit brighter. Sometimes, if I do not feel like putting on eyeshadow, I will just apply a small bit of this to make me look more awake--it's a bit like foundation, but with a MUCH thinner consistancy and only for your eyelids. Because a little goes a long way (you will only need a small dot about half the size of the head of thumbtack), TFSI lasts for awhile. I have had mine for four months, and even though I use it up to twice a day, the tube is still very full and shows no obvious signs of heavy usage. However, though my rating is positive on the whole, I do have one complaint. Whether this is the fault of the company, just a faulty product, or due to improper storage I am not certain, but my tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance often gets very watery. There have been many times (at least once or twice a week) when I go to squeeze on the tube and only a clear, watery liquid comes out. A second squeeze usually warrants better results, but I find this kind of annoying for such a pricey product. As I said, this may be totally my fault (though I store my makeup in a pretty normal environment), but I had to deduct a rating point regardless. Even though I have put it on my to-do list to try out Urban Decay Primer Potion, I will most definitely repurchase this. Afterall, why mess with a (99.98%) perfect thing?

  • T. Wong - perfect

    i just received this for my 7 mth old son in orange and it is perfect! the seating is nicely padded, the metal arms that anchor to the tabletop feels very solid (no moving or shaky parts). this feels like a very solid well-made product. i am anchoring this to our kitchen table in place of his bouncer so he has a place to hang out while i cook, it will be an useful item when we travel or eat out as well. the only complaint i could have is the underside arms that spin and lock the chair in place could spin more easily to make anchoring this chair to tables much faster but that is a really really small inconvenience. i am extremely pleased with this product, definitely well-worth the price!

  • Marine_Engineer - So far so good!

    Appears to be a quality product. Fits my 2008 Corvette well, and is easy to put on and take off. Time will tell how it holds up, but so far I am pleased with it. It has so far withstood a couple heavy downpours, and seems to repel water quite well.