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  • Gregory Kelley - You won't believe what this product will do for you.

    I have been taking this product for a week a I am blown away by the results. I read articles about this stuff and how it can cure all these different ailments and I thought, "B.S.!". I have had chronic back pain from a ruptured disk 11 years ago, gone. Chronic knee pain for the last 18 years from a car accident, gone. Chronic pain in my wrists from carpel tunnel for the past 15 years, almost gone. Chronic neck pain from a car accident 30 years ago, minute discomfort now. On top of that my horrible allergy symptoms are the best I can ever remember and my normally high blood pressure is now near perfect. One teaspoon twice a day can change your life. And I've lost weight without changing my diet! Don't just take my word for it. Try it yourself. What do you have to lose?

  • Esmee - Side affects outweigh benefits.

    I'm not a huge fan of drugging myself to sleep. I normally only do so when I'm sick and need night time medication, but I had been having difficulties staying asleep for a few months now. I wake up a few times during the night and it takes 2-3hrs. for me to get back to sleep which is why I tried ZzzQuil. I took one gel cap which is the equivalent of half a dose and waited for the medicine to knock me out. Normally when I take half a dose of Benadryl or the store brand equivalent it takes about 15-30mins to make me feel sleepy. Not so with ZzzQuil; it didn't make me feel drowsy at all! When I finally did close my eyes about two hours after taking it I did stay asleep. But yesterday when I woke up I felt so out of it and drowsy...I felt drowsy pretty much all day. So I decided to try the same dosage last night and it had pretty much the same affect: was wide awake for about an hour after taking it but I did stay asleep. However this morning when I woke up, I felt sick. My mouth and throat were incredibly dry, my head felt sore, I had the chills and my forehead felt clammy. I drank some water, turned the heater on and put my robe on. After I had my coffee and my breakfast I started to feel a little better. My dry mouth is gone, still have a slight headache, chills are gone, forehead still feels a bit clammy. It's been a couple hours and I still feel sleepy and in a fog. It's worth a try, but I wouldn't recommend it. For me the side affects outweigh the benefits of the product and there are other, less expensive products on the market which do basically the same thing.

  • Roni B - My Daughter Loves This Product

    This is for my granddaughter. My daughter loves this and being in another country has asked me to buy her more and ship them. However, I see that they will ship directly to her so that is what I'm doing. I hope she get's this fast.

  • Mary - My Mom loves this tea, she has a cup ...

    My Mom loves this tea, she has a cup every night before bed! So I buy it for her in bulk twice a year. Saves me money & she gets what she wants!

  • Barb - Need old shredz and vitaminZ BACK please

    The ok formula was awesome please bring it back with the vitaminZ PLEASE!!!! Shreds feel male stack helped me a lot!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Works Pretty Great!

    This past year I have become a bit of a makeup junkie, purchasing several high-end products for the very first time. Most of these purchases have been in the form of MAC eyeshadows, which retail for either $11.00 or $14.50 each (depending on whether you get them in a pan or a pot). Because I began spending so much on eyeshadow, I wanted to make sure that it would not fade or crease throughout the day. I was getting recommendations for both Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion, but because they are the same price and have equally favorable reviews, I went with the less complicated packaging and chose Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Overall, I give TFSI a rating of 4. Not only is the tube super convenient, but the product sticks to its promise of prolonging the wear of eyeshadow by preventing creases/fading. And for those of you who are wondering, this product isn't just designed for higher-end shadows. Many of my drugstore shadows display an increase lasting power and become super blendable when applied over a thin layer of this. And because TFSI is tinted, it also evens out eyelid discoloration and makes the eyes look a bit brighter. Sometimes, if I do not feel like putting on eyeshadow, I will just apply a small bit of this to make me look more awake--it's a bit like foundation, but with a MUCH thinner consistancy and only for your eyelids. Because a little goes a long way (you will only need a small dot about half the size of the head of thumbtack), TFSI lasts for awhile. I have had mine for four months, and even though I use it up to twice a day, the tube is still very full and shows no obvious signs of heavy usage. However, though my rating is positive on the whole, I do have one complaint. Whether this is the fault of the company, just a faulty product, or due to improper storage I am not certain, but my tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance often gets very watery. There have been many times (at least once or twice a week) when I go to squeeze on the tube and only a clear, watery liquid comes out. A second squeeze usually warrants better results, but I find this kind of annoying for such a pricey product. As I said, this may be totally my fault (though I store my makeup in a pretty normal environment), but I had to deduct a rating point regardless. Even though I have put it on my to-do list to try out Urban Decay Primer Potion, I will most definitely repurchase this. Afterall, why mess with a (99.98%) perfect thing?