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Somi Javaid M.D & Associates | Dr. Somi Javaid - A board certified OB/GYN in Cincinnati with expert knowledge of gynecology and sexual medicine and menopause and anti-aging beauty treatments- Dr. Somi Javaid helps you achieve optimal wellness.

  • http://drsomijavaid.com/how-we-differ Board Certified Gynecologist in Cincinnati Is Expert in Menopause and Sexual Medicine and Showcases Anti-Aging Treatments - From gynecology and menopause to sexual medicine and medical aesthetics you are in expert hands at our cutting-edge women’s wellness practice in Cincinnati. Need a free consult? 513-404-4166.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/testimonials Client Testimonials | Dr. Somi Javaid - A Cincinnati doctor that is truly caring and knowledgable and reassuring, that's what patients say about Dr. Somi Javaid.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/accepted-insurance Accepted Insurance | Dr. Somi Javaid - Accepted insurance at our Cincinnati location - Anthem - Cigna Humana - Medical Mutual of Ohio -Medicare - Ohio State Medicare Railroad - Tricare / Health Net Federal Services - United HealthCare
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/community-outreach Community Outreach | Dr. Somi Javaid - We support Dress For Success Cincinnati, Cris Collinsworth Proscan Fund Pink Ribbon Programs, Patty Brisben Foundation for Women's Sexual Health and area women's shelters. Patients can help us help others...
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/community-service Community Service | Dr. Somi Javaid - Dr. Somi Javaid & Associates want to put power back into the hands of their patients. With the ultimate goal of “empowerment” and “giving back”, Dr. Javaid and her associates look forward to creating a new frontier for medical practices – and truly puts the patient’s needs first.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/hospital-affiliations Hospital Affiliations | Dr. Somi Javaid - Dr. Somi Javaid is credentialed at both Christ Hospital and West Chester Hospitals in the Cincinnati tri-state area. Both are distinguished and award winning facilities.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/coolsculpting CoolSculpting | Dr. Somi Javaid - Welcome the newest addition to Dr. Somi Javaid & Associates’ extensive non-invasive body shaping and body sculpting line – CoolSculpting, in which fat is frozen away, taking inches off stubborn areas such as thighs, chins, underarm and so much more. There is no surgery, no downtime and it’s more comfortable than other body shaping procedures – not to mention more affordable.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/coolsculpting/about-coolsculpting About CoolSculpting | Dr. Somi Javaid - Finally, you’ll have something to show for all those hours at the gym that your stubborn fat won’t listen to – and for half the price of other body shaping and sculpting practices. What’s more? There is no surgery, no downtime and it’s more comfortable than other body shaping procedures. This means you can get back to your day immediately.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/coolsculpting/body-areas-treated Body Areas Treated | Dr. Somi Javaid - You may choose to treat multiple areas during your visit, and/or choose to come back for a more sculpted look depending on your goals. Speaking frankly with our medical staff can help you come to the best decision.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/coolsculpting/why-coolsculpt-with-us Why CoolSculpt With Us? | Dr. Somi Javaid - Dr. Somi Javaid & Associates has reached the Preferred Crystal Status for CoolSculpt providers. This means you can trust Dr. Somi Javaid & Associates to treat you with the utmost education, training, experience, and care. Not all practices offering CoolSculpt has reached this status, so as ethical medically trained physicians, nurses and staff, we warn you to choose your provider for this life-changing procedure carefully.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/coolsculpting/faqs Coolsculpting FAQs | Dr. Somi Javaid - Is it Safe? Hollywood’s best kept secret is out of the bag … CoolSculpting is FDA approved and has been used by more than 2 million men and women worldwide. Does it hurt? During the procedure you may experience deep pulling, tugging, pinching, numbness or discomfort. Following the procedure, typical side effects include temporary numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging and pain. 
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/gynecology Gynecology in Cincinnati at| Dr. Somi Javaid - Expert care from a Cincinnati board certified gynecologist. Beyond annual care and bioidentical hormone treatments we offer procedures like ablation and hysteroscopy and tubal ligation and genetic cancer tests.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/sexual-medicine Sexual Medicine | Dr. Somi Javaid - Cincinnati board certified OB/GYN and sexual medicine expert treating Orgasm Dysfunction - Female Arousal Disorder - Painful Sex -Vaginismus - Vulvodynia - Dyspareunia - Low Libido and more.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/menopause Menopause | Dr. Somi Javaid - Board certified OB/GYN Dr.Javaid is especially qualified to treat to menopausal symptoms. For information on BIO-IDENTICALS and pellots to a range of non-hormonal therapies and alternatives call 513-404-4166.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/body-shaping Body Shaping | Dr. Somi Javaid - CoolSculpt is a non-invasive FDA approved treatment that permanently destroys fat. Velashape III uses proven technology to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Both are in Cincinnati at Somi Javaid MD & Associates.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/medispa Medispa Menu | Dr. Somi Javaid - NEW! Get more information in the Apple app store by searching Somi Javaid MD from your ipad!
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/meet-dr-javaid Meet Dr. Javaid | Dr. Somi Javaid - Board certified OB/GYN physician in Cincinnati specializing in menopause - sexual medicine - gynecology - laser surgery - UltraShape® - VelaShape - CoolSculpting- aesthetics - minimally invasive surgery.
  • http://drsomijavaid.com/specials Specials & Events | Dr. Somi Javaid - Body shaping treatments now in Cincinnati include fat reduction and skin tightening. Plus Makeover Monday's Botox and Juvederm discounts and complimentary peels. RSVP to Somi Javaid MD & Associates 513-404-4166
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  • KindleAddict - I GAINED weight on this plan- but it is sound advice

    This is extremely good advice for people who are still drinking the low-fat kool-aid and diet advice from the 80's-2000's. It's clear people must eliminate sugar from their diets, and many will benefit from dropping dairy and gluten. That said, I am 46, 5'2", in good shape, and eat well. Eight days into this detox and I have gained 2 pounds. It's very nut heavy and probably too many calories in general for a person of my stature. If you are overweight, I'm sure this is a great kickstart. If you are looking to just lose a few pounds for summer, I'd choose a different plan.

  • Megan - Let's see if it works!!!! (:

    I can only give one star at this time, I ordered CB-1 awhile ago because I cannot gain weight i can only lose weight so today is day one of trying it so we'll see what happens I'll be back in about 4 weeks and tell everyone how it worked if it does...

  • Mudit Jain - Nice racket for beginner

    I found it to be nice beginner racket. Is very light weight and generates good power for long shots and smashes. Has a decent grip too. I'll probably upgrade to a more expensive one a year later or so.

  • Amazon Customer - Pretty good

    So, my butt is already at pretty decent size but I wanted to see if maybe this product would help with firming it. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and it's definitely helped! I also go to the gym and do excercises as well, but the product has really helped with the firmness. Size wise it seems the same but I haven't even reached a month yet; the lotion also smells really good and is plentiful.

  • Mike - Comparing the Acurite 0613 to the Extech 445815

    I bought the Extech moisture meter first, and I always thought the readings seemed off, but it was the expert, right? Anyway, I wanted a second moisture meter so I wouldn't need to keep taking the Extech back and forth between the bedroom and the living room. So, I ordered the less expensive Acurite 00613 from Amazon ($10 versus $40), and inadvertently ordered two. When they arrived, I planned to send one back.