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  • Gordon Cameron - One of the best albums of the 90s

    This album still sounds great to me after 7 years, and I have no doubt will still sound fresh in another 7. Some truly outstanding tracks, and a laid back style that many have tried to imitate but none pull off so well as Massive [Attack]. Their later albums are more brooding, musically complex and thoughtful, yet some of my favourite tracks are on this album (and well represented in their current live set I am happy to say). A great album from one of my favourite bands - their other albums are equally good, so be sure to check them out also.

  • Justin Gillespie - Well, my eye was get refreshed because of this!

    I brought the Orogold eye serum right here on Amazon and even got it at a great discount. I was a bit scared due to the mixed reviews that the product has been seeing, but was delighted to discover that this was one of the best investments I made. I need so little product, and it always makes my eye area look beautiful. I always apply the eye serum before leaving home.

  • Michele - Major disappointment

    I have to go in and redo ALL of my accounts that I want updated. You would think that with an upgrade it would transfer all of that information. Also the rental portion is so difficult that I never used it in my last version. I was "hoping" that was the area of most improvement but it is not so still cant use it.

  • new grandma - CSN fan

    Great Video - love seeing them together and happy. Bought several as gifts for other CSN fans we know. Enjoyed the song selection and great backup band. Also - glad to hear that they are writing new songs.