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  • Cecilia - Great and Worth the Money

    really excellent product. Does exactly what is supposed to ...Record and playback video...I had looked at a more expensive equivalent, but this proved as good but more affordable. I was reminded of how useful these cameras can be recently. A lorry travelling in front of me suddenly decided to change lanes in some roadworks and sent cones flying like skittles all over the road - I was able to swerve and avoid them, had I not it would have meant a trip to the (expensive) Audi paintshop

  • Allison Adams - Incredible Product!!!

    We just bought a house that was built in 2001. It has the original light oak cabinets. They were in pretty good shape, but some of them had a worn finish, especially since the cabinets did not have pulls. The cabinets near the sink were the worst. I was disappointed in the crackled finish. I spent a lot of time reading online about different products that would allow me to improve the look of the cabinets without a full renovation.

  • Jenni - Zija love it!

    I purchased Zija, not expecting much and knew there were a lot of big health claims, I've never posted a review on Amazon before,but I love the smart mix, I have noticed improved energy, focus, and overall feeling better, including complexion, weight loss, and some headaches I was getting on a somewhat regular basis disappeared. Can't say enough about Zija!

  • eaglenest - EMUAID

    I found this product on the internet when i was looking up Shingles. It said it was good for all types of skin conditions, Nothing was said about Hemoroids.Good for Bug bites skin rash, and Shingles etc. I purchased it and found that it did help shingles relieves the pain and helps the rash.

  • Amazon Customer - Do not waste your money

    Does not work. We bought this from a local headshop and read all the reviews online. My husband was 20 days clean when he used this detox. He followed the directions step by step. By the time he took his test he was 28 days clean and failed it. Do not waste your money. Buy synthetic instead.

  • George Schiro - Fish Oil or Snake Oil? - No Good for Headaches

    This product is heavily touted as an "anti-inflammatory". The OmegaXL representative I spoke to explicitly told me that it is effective as a headache preventative. In fact, she claimed to use it herself for that purpose. She was so sure that if only I had faith in her product and gave it a serious try, it would work for me too. I was willing to try anything at that point. So I did.

  • David Fitz - Yesssss!!! I love it

    I recently started using a make up primer for a matte finish and it clogs pores so bad. I started looking for acne products and cleansers. I was worried about a lot of products because they claim to work and had a lot of bad reviews. I ended up taking a chance on this because I saw all the good reviews and all of the awesome photo results. I was breaking out really bad from clogged pores so I used this product on my face at night. I left it on for a couple hours just because I wanted it to dry completely and I did it the lazy way. I woke up with all of my zits shrunken and all of the swelling was gone. This is a must