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  • jeremysgirl82 - Highly Recommend!

    This diaper cream has worked better than anything else we've tried! My son has severe diaper rash when he's teething. We've tried all the traditional creams and this works better and faster than all of them. We use a Qtip and slather it on. It usually clears up quickly! Highly recommend!

  • Felicity Boyd Enders - Not as good as #1

    The full page illustrations are spectacular. The problem is the full text pages. In book #1, many of the text pages had small drawings or drops of ink. There is far less of that in this book. Moreover, the text pages have a shaded pattern that repeats exactly for many pages. Plain white would have been a better choice. This is an obvious cheap compromise.

  • FreeAdvice - It's the best false sense of hope for consumers

    Hackers gonna hack and win, but at the very least, I have this false sense of hope. It's the best false sense of hope for consumers.

  • fitnessforlife - Low acidic coffee

    I am a pretty healthy person. I excercise everday,I do not eat red meat, very litte chicken and turkey, no pork, and and i love fish and veges! I didnt order this coffee for health benefits i basically ordered because regular coffee gives me reflux. This coffee taste great and is low acidic. They say it helps with high blood pressure and other ailments, but seeing that i do not have any health issues right now i wouldnt know about that on a personal level. I do have friends who rave about its healing powers but again i think it is a lot to pay for coffee... i can get that same low acidic properties from Starbucks. If i had the extra cash i would continue to order, but i dont.

  • janet - A waterproof case that actually works!

    I'm always skeptical of anything waterproof because I have seen products fail, but this case works wonderfully! I brought it on a trip to Las Vegas in which I attended several pool parties. There was a lot of splashing and submersion of my phone with no damage! It even fit my iPhone 6s+ with a PopSocket on the back. You kind of had to bend the top plastic closure away from the camera opening to take a picture when the case was sealed, but it was flexible. The long strap was also convenient to wrap around my wrist or hold the phone like a purse so I didn't lose it. I bought the clear case because I thought the colored cases might obscure pictures, and the clear plastic didn't interfere with pictures at all. I also found the snap closures quick and easy to operate.

  • GA Twin Mom - ONE stroller family thanks to the Combi Twin Sport!!

    I have the Combi Twin Sport in Graphite. Prior to purchasing this stroller, I owned three others (at the same time) because I had different purposes for them. I had the inline stroller for mall shopping (because I couldn't get down the aisles with my umbrella or jogging stroller), the umbrella stroller for daycare and quick trips to Target, grocery store, etc., and then my jogging stroller for outdoor walks. The Combi Twin Sport replaced all three!!!