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  • Pen Name - Pretty good product so far!

    The product was very easy to download and very easy to work and navigate. The problems themselves seem to be pretty spot on with what the information we have learned over the years. My one negative is i encountered a glitch that seem to wanna do only even numbers at a time and then go back and do the odd numbers. Very annoying and not how the real DAT will happen. Other than that great study tool!

  • Jeremy Truitt - Absolutely PHENOMENAL for the price. BEST VALUE ON AMAZON

    I bought this for our bounce house rental company. We sometimes to rentals in city parks where there is no power so we need something powerful to power our bounce houses and sometimes more. I went to Menard's, Lowe's, Home Depot and Tractor Supply Company and the absolute best value I could get for a 4,000 watt generator was $300....plus tax.

  • A. Frankenfield - good quality, very potent

    I always keep tea tree oil in my medicine kit because it has so many uses. It will kill off anything from bacteria to fungi. If I get a pimple, I put a drop on it, and it dries up very quickly. It is also great to open the sinuses when used in a hot bath. I gave some to my grandmother also to use on her foot fungus, and she said it was effective.

  • James E. - Early adopters beware

    Cozmo is very cute but also very non-functional. I can get by the pain that others have mentioned (having to directly connect to Cozmo via wifi and having the application in the foreground) but what I can't get by are the constant connection drops. I've also not been able to complete a single "tap" game because during or right after the first round I get an error that "Cozmo has moved and the game can not continue". This wasn't a one time occurrence and has happened 10 out of 10 times I've tried to play the game.

  • dags - best koozie around

    this thing is awesome. I love how i can shotgun a beer so easy. especially when I start talkin too much and it gets warm, BOOM! I push the button and pound the rest of the beer down,then go grab another cold one! they got a great FB page too, I have won alot of stuff of that site aswell.

  • Kilted Soule - Warranty Warning!!

    I absolutely loved this tumbler... for 46 days. unfortunately the cup has lost it's vacuum seal, which now leads to condensation and of course shorter time length to keep my drinks cold. I looked the cup over to see if I could find any damage on it, and can't seem to locate a scratch (outside of the brushed finish of course) much less a dent that could have caused the leak. Because I bought this from Amazon and not directly from RTIC, it is not covered by their warranty, and unfortunately it died just outside of Amazon's return period as well. So, please be aware, that if you buy this from Amazon, you have a 30 day time frame to return it to them, and NO option to get a replacement from RTIC (see return information here: ). They don't seem to have THAT much faith in their product. I've got those "cheapo" Ozark Trail tumblers - lifetime warranty btw - that have been flawless for months, so I'll be sticking to those and will advise others to save some money (they're under $10) and go with that option as well.