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  • Avid Amazon Shopper - Only 1 employee?

    Enhanced payroll has always accommodated up to 3 employees. Now I see there is an extra charge for more than 1 employee. What's up with that?

  • Roxiticus Des - Slumber party wars

    I loved this book! I really like short novels, and this was short but entertaining. I suggest this book to 9-12 yr olds. I could relate to this book and I'm sure all the other young teens will also be able to relate. Overall, it was an amazing book

  • Ishmael - Okay, but not the best

    Okay so I bought this book with the Kaplan flash cards and to be honest felt like I wasted alot of time reading irrelevant information. I went with Kaplan instead of Examkrackers at first because I was skeptical about Examkrackers shady looking reviews, but after reading the same chapter of acids and bases on both kaplan and examkrackers, I realized that Examkrackers is more conceptual based, while Kaplan is more fact and detailed information. I now wish I would have studied with Examkrackers from the beginning of my summer, but I have a month left to my exam and am just going to use Examkrackers the rest of the way. Don't get me wrong, Kaplan is not a bad study tool, but like most college students studying during the summer, we want to get down to the conceptual information and need to know, not waste our precious summer time, learning irrelevant information. (personal opinion). Either way, I would only recommend this book, if you're taking a year off and want to know as much detailed information as possible, but if not, go with something else. I only say examkrackers because it's the only other Mcat prep book I have read. I also heard from some of my friends that Princetonreview was good too. Good look studying peeps, may the Mcat gods have mercy on us all:-)

  • MJPR - Love the Lactation Support!

    I like these prenatal. The supplement Facts (per serving) matched with my current prenatal except for the iron. The iron is less for this - 18mg while my current one has 28mg. I am anemic and doctor recommended me to take extra iron dosage anyway, so its not a big deal for me but if somebody is looking for more iron, note that it only has 18mg. Also I like the fact that it has extra prenatal nourishing blend with Lactation support. I am 32 weeks pregnant and planning to take lactation pills after delivery but since it has lactation support as well, hopefully it will help my milk supply after the birth. That is the reason I chose this product and I am very happy about this product. I like the fact that it is 100% vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free. I would recommend these to anyone that is expecting, planning to expect or just gave birth. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of this product.

  • kbaz - Enjoyable!

    Just received and brewed up a cup of tea. I really like this tea, the slight taste of cinnamon is enjoyable. I will buy more for me and for Christmas stocking stuffers. I always fill stockings with teas, spices and deserts.

  • S. Bynum - Great video

    We purchased this video after attending a concert - it was a great experience and the video is a great reminder, thanks CSN.