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  • IL Blackhawk - I love the Essential Oils and use them very regularly with ...

    I love the Essential Oils and use them very regularly with this. Works great and is small enough to use at my office desk Thanks

  • Christopher A. Woolley - only instructors have access to the errata sheets?????

    This is a very well written book, very good and thorough explanation of material. I would have given it 5 stars, except for one major issue:

  • Ryan N. - Baller console w/ no backwards compatibility

    I am very impressed with The PlayStation 4. The controller is a great step forward from the Dualshock 3 and the console looks very slick. The performance seems very impressive and the graphics look stunning. My main problem with this console is that it is not compatible with games from previous generations of the PlayStation. Big drawback for me because I would like to go back and play some of the classics.

  • Happy - Life saver indeed.

    I wish I had known about this years ago. I suffered through all kinds of female symptoms: fibroids, cysts, extreme PMS moodswings, low energy, extreme painful periods with heavy bleeding. From the 1. day I took 2kps. of Serrapeptase my energy enhanced so much, that I started running again. My mood is great, no PMS at all, my breasts are soft, no cysts, no pain in my pelvic area so far. I did not change my diet. I feel amazing. Even my skin looks smoother then before. I will get an ultrasound of my fibroids in a month- and I am super curious if they are gone. I am so amazed that there is something that helps. My gynecologist recommended the pill for heavy bleeding- I had so many issues with it that I had to stop it. I take Serrakinase in the morning, because it gives me such a boost of energy, that I could not sleep at night. And I take Nattokinase at night to support with blood circulation. I highly recommend it to all the women out there with the same issues.

  • R. Leabo - It's great if you don't mind a little self-loathing afterwards...

    Far-fetched? YES. Terrible acting? You betcha! Could one man really defy death at the last possible second 50 times in real life? Hell no! But the story in interesting enough, and the visuals are pretty outstanding. It's a typical big budget end of the world flick that only really suffers from John Cusak. Did you really expect an Oscar-ridden movie?