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  • Alex Liddie - The Past Foretells the Future

    Thom Hartmann knows his American economic history, but most of us only know what's happened since we were ten, if that. So every third generation, when we no longer remember what our grandfather's experienced, we go into one of these periods where the wealthy get very, very wealthy and the rest of us go under water. The economic royalists take over until we elect a Teddy or a Franklin, along with supportive congresspeople, and unwrap our fetters. The crash is coming soon. We'd better get out and vote.

  • WiscoDad - This clock is not the most amazing quality and isn't exactly what we were looking for ...

    This clock is not the most amazing quality and isn't exactly what we were looking for but it looks cute in the 4-year old's room and does the job well. The product description is very accurate so read carefully to know what you're getting. Since we weren't able to find anything that does what we were hoping, we would absolutely recommend this clock.

  • K. Wuellner - I bought 2 gal

    I probably only needed 1 . It worked beautifully on my vinyl siding and my roof. The siding had mold/mildew and algea on it in a few spots on the north side and behind some shrubs. The roof also had staining on it on the north side. A few days after spraying this on the growth and stains were gone. That was spring 2012. We had a very dry hot summer last year but so far I have not had any regrowth through july 2013. I have NOT reapplied. There is NO discoloration to the siding or shingles.