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  • Consultation Services - Ecoskan provides pest control audits and consultation services for food processing, hospitality and manufacturing facilities.
  • Green Products - Ecoskan promotes the use of green pest control products that are eco-friendly and biodegradable.
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  • Displaying items by tag: ecofriendly pest control - Ecoskan Provides Greener Solutions for a Cleaner Environment by using eco-friendly pest control products. We specialize in green, botanical, organic and natural pest control solutions.
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  • Ecoskan joins NPMA Gives - Ecoskan Pest Solutions joins participants in the NPMA Gives program. The program was created by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to provide its members with a way to recognize their contributions to their communities – whether through charitable donations, products or time contributed

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  • Emily - Awesome phone, screen fragile

    This phone is amazing and easily the best smartphone I have owned. The screen is gorgeous, everything is crystal clear on this phone. The camera is also top of the line for smartphones. It's main camera competitor would be the iPhone 7 but it seems that each phone offers a comparable camera. Also the gold is very attractive and the phone has a great aesthetic.

  • Leemer - Great Gift Idea

    Seems like a weird gift but everyone I have given it to is hooked. The name says it all. I would challenge this cleaner against any other I have used. The best test is the inside of your front windshield in your car. There is almost certainly a thin film of grease, dirt and grunge that is no match for this product. Just be sure to apply enough to dissolve the dirt. Smells a bit like alcohol so don't clean your windows before going for a drive.

  • William M. Fernandez - That darn brake pedal!

    Yes they're nice, Yes they shipped on time. But let me tell you, the brake pedal is a pain to get on.

  • Brandi - smart TVs; phones & tablets

    I have used several wifi units and seen this come through on my emails with NetGear I have a lot of things that need strong wifi in my house including our solar panels; smart TVs; phones & tablets. My house is only 1400 square ft and we could hardly get our wifi to work in the back bedrooms my daughter would always get the "Buffering sign of death" so I read the reviews for the Orbi and thought I have got to get this!!

  • Eduardo Homem - I'm amazed!

    The first book I read by Frank Kinslow was Beyond Happiness. What I read in this book made me buy all other. Now I'm reading When Nothing Works. It was not easy for me to understand the true implications of what Kinslow teaches and reach the state of Eufeeling and Pure Awareness. I practiced QE, experienced some peace, but soon the mind assumed the command again and I turned to fear, stress and anxiety. But I persisted. Gradually, I began to notice that my emotional symptoms began to dissolve and the periods of peace were increasingly lengthy. It has become increasingly easy to keep Pure Awreness and the accompanying Eufeeling. At the same time, my life began to change, though I did nothing to that change. I realized that Frank is right. What Frank teaches us is the most revolutionary technology of life that was ever invented. I read many books that taught me WHAT liberation and happiness are, but Frank Kinslow shows us HOW to experience them. Last book of Frank is the best of all. Maybe because I can already experience Eufeeling more often, is a true music for me to read When Nothing Works. At this point, I know what Frank teaches is true. Life begins to be a pleasant surprise and not the torment it was in the past. Problems of all kinds are solved spontaneously, by itself. If you practice the simple techniques (experiences) that Frank teaches and if you are constant and faithful to these experiences, paying them 15 minutes each day, I'm sure you will change your life to an unimaginable degree. It will be as if you had been born again. If you have not read any of Frank books, I recommend the Kinslow System and When Nothing Works. Eufeeling is also a great book.

  • gcbist - the best hair gunk ever

    Over the years I have purchased many, many "hair gel" products. This one works for me the very best. I have been using it for probably 5 years now. It's not always easy to find in retail, but on Amazon, it's always there!

  • Sister - Very nice!! Good Magnet

    I am using this case as I type!! Very nice!! Good Magnet! Holds many credit cards! I have 8/9 in it right now...And a few business cards too and it still shuts!! I want another one in another color!!