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EDC dermatology – Dermatology Center | Dermatologists - The Center for Dermatologic Diseases in Limassol offers specialist diagnosis and treatment of skin and venereal diseases in both adults and children.

Country:, Europe, CY

City: 33.0379 Limassol, Cyprus

  • Derek Brown - Great product

    Bought this for my wife who has PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and it helps out a lot with her hormones and mood. She says it is tasteless if fully dissolved and if not it's kinda sweet. She had been going on a 90 day cycle before starting and after only 4 days of use she started and since has been getting more regular.

  • frankland - I know it's cheap, but it still isn't worth it

    I wasn't expecting much at the $11 price, but I still cannot understand the value of this item. Even when I could find some older TV shows to stream, it was often only one episode of an entire series. Most of the "Internet TV Stations" were little more than the regular website of the TV stations (not even a direct link to the stream, so you still had to navigate the websites to find the stream, assuming it actually had one). A lot of ads, some quick-clicks to regular websites, and little else.

  • Scolastica Fanucci - Baby monitor have graduated…

    When I got clear how to manage this camera We love it. The picture is crystal clear night and day, dark or light. Your baking pan, tilt control works well giving me a look all around the room and it's just way cool to me to be able to see the particular camera sees from around the globe including the interstate!

  • Rachel H. - Great variety, but disappointing recognition

    After looking at the previous reviews and rating, I am a bit surprised. While I was happy with my rental from gamefly, I would have been a little disappointed if I had bought this. The recognition of the game just seems so 'random' for lack of a better word. One minute it will work perfectly, and I am shocked at how exact it will read things. Then, I will just disappear. Yes, I said it- completely disappear. While I have experienced alot of less than perfect Kinect readings on different games, I will say before Your Shape Fitness evolved, disappeared I had not. Also, the calorie count seems pretty low on a grand scale of things even with high cardio activities, and the statistics are not great either. On a positive, there is quite a variety of activities that will make you sweat! Whether you are into yoga (not that I think it is best yoga, at least it is there), strength training, cardio, or dance there is an activity for you...Now if I could just stop disappearing......