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  • Brian's Reviews - Best Slow Cooker

    I chose this model partly because it won the editors choice from Wired magazine. It also fit my needs of a nice slow cooker with programmable time and keep warm mode. The price is great too.

  • Barbara Hudson - A fun way to help kids recognize our National treasures

    These quarter books are great for helping learn about the National Parks and where they are located. It's a great way to collect and preserve something for the future. I'm thinking of my Grandkids and how they will enjoy them as they grow old enough to learn to value not just money but the things God has given us in our Nation.

  • NehanJeffrey - Ordered Iteme not delivered - Nightmare experienec with Customer Service

    Weather Tec very unprofessional / unethical customer service, only one item delivered out of 2 orders..10/22/14, I ordered for front/2 rear mini van seats floor Liners, only trunk floor liner delivered on 10/25/14. I did notify to customer service that I received front liners only and they said it is on a way, follow up on 10/28/14..they had no idea I did receive on item and I am f/u for the 2nd item which isn't delivered.

  • Kuschel Monster - Not a fit for me.

    Not a good fit for me. My phone refuses to use the microphone on it and instead uses the onboard mic. The Bluetooth range is poor. The fit of the product is terrible and hurts my ear. I really wanted to like this product.

  • Tommy Techer - Organic Nitro makes my bermuda lawn look like a golf course green

    it works great !!! as advertised it releases over time; when I put it on the lawn (2400 ft2) and used the whole bag; I had several really bare spots but after one month the the bare spots were gone (i put it on 30may) and now my bermuda lawn is lush and think...and continues to grow very green and very heathy

  • Anni - Must Buy ! Love it !!!!

    This is a must buy if you like ice cream and yogurt. It's so healthy. It's great for people like myself who is wright conscious but has a sweet tooth. I tried using yellow mango instead of banana, and my family actually prefer the mango . Great product, easy to clean and use.