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  • Amazon Customer - Don't buy this one!

    The book is extremely basic in knowledge. Example: They clump all the electrolytes into one section, not differentiating the signs or symptoms. Some of the test questions have incorrect answers, some questions have the same answers, and there are about 10-15 question unrelated to the blueprint that have to do with foundation, theory, and education.

  • Amazon Customer - More like bleach in a jar

    Worst product I've ever put on my face. Smells like acid/bleach. It's yellow instead of white. I think they sent me an expired product. I have a 6 month old and I won't put it on. If it burns my face and my eyes just being on my face (I don't rub it in to my eyes) then it's going to burn his. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

  • Justin Carlson - Neat idea, but not enough exercise and community features to justify getting over competing products

    I like the moov approach for workout activity rather than just counting steps throughout the day. The walking app is a neat idea but it talks too much, even when changing the setting to talk less. The biking app works good, but so do other biking apps. The 10 minute workouts are a neat idea and kind off work, but just aren't motivating enough or flexible enough (like if you wanted to add more reps of a certain exercise).

  • Jennifer - If you have hard water, you need this.

    This is something I've been using for years. I came to Amazon to check out the bulk price, and I'll definitely be ordering a 12-pack once my current bottle gets low. I live in an area with HORRIBLE hard water, so I keep stocked up on this and water filters. Every time I change out my filter, I will use this to tackle any buildup on the sinks and shower doors and toilets. I also soak the shower heads and sink sprayer.

  • Amazon Customer - Works for me!

    I am a college student and a full time worker... I started taking CALM NOW Anxiety Relief and Stress Support while under extreme stress at home with a very sick, dying dog AND trying to balance work and study. I found while studying I would get signs of anxiety--rapid heartbeat with dizzy and floating sensations... this really helped me stay focused while I was going through some severe stress. Also, it seems like it was a little bit easier for me to sleep at night.

  • Chris in Denver - mixed feelings

    I liked the feel of it, light yet still some coverage, but it tends to have a powdery residue/feel, and if you have any dry skin at all, it adhere's to it and looks bad. It did help me realize that I needed more moisture! Once I got more moisturized, it helped, but in wearing this on half my face, and a different makeup on the other half, I've noticed I break out more where I use this makeup. I do have pretty sensitive skin though. It might work better for others than it did for me.

  • Kicking back in New England - Textbook way to find the right career for YOU!

    As one of those people who never did figure out what I should do after highschool, I ended up getting a master's degree in a field I disliked and worked for years at a job that drove me crazy. I stopped working after I had my child and felt a relief you can't imagine. As my son got older, I felt it time to hit the workforce again - but was none the wiser about what to do. A friend suggested this book and I have to say - I am amazed at what this book has done for me. While the process is long - you have to work through many exercises - the end result is a better knowledge of yourself, your interests and skills.