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  • Jonnathan Javier - Great review book! A must!

    What else can I say about this book?. It's a must! It has pretty much everything, even when I think "This is not in the book" turns that yeah it is, pretty good review book! but that's what it is a REVIEW book, you need know stu​ff before you start with this book!

  • Jason Proby - Effective.

    Works excellent! I've tired multiple remedies other the years and I must say that I am impressed with this one. Some products require you to take several pills per drink or chug massive amounts of water in order to be effective. This defeats the purpose of simply drinking and enjoying yourself. I took two pills before bed and woke up without a massive hangover. I will say that it is not a miracle drug, after drinking quite heavily I woke up feeling like I had only had a few drinks. I tried it after drinking a few and woke up feeling like I had not drank at all. Bottom line: it is effective at reducing a hangover. Its only flaw is that you have to remember to take it before bed!

  • Professor Filutek - Problem with the latest cloud based Neat scanner

    I am presently reviewing 2 units for my company with the idea of buying more if they perform well. So far these are the problems I have noticed.

  • jose lopez - dummy with with wife

    Have your wife help you with the install. Is so simple that we guys could not understand. I recommend it, just follow as is writen.

  • E. Chappell - ... Christmas gift for my little sister and it looks perfect! The calender is just as funny as the ...

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my little sister and it looks perfect! The calender is just as funny as the books and offers many illustrations I haven't seen yet!

  • Valhalla - You will really enjoy this one.

    Boy was this one good. It stuck to the Hercules legend very well. I know that there are going to be people that are going to disagree with this but I say that the acting is great. I didn't have any problem with any of the characters & they way that they were portrayed, they way that they mingled in the story & they were very believable.

  • Kins - Good product if you plan on using your infant seat with your double jogger

    When we had our 3rd child we thought for sure we'd need to make our double jogging stroller suitable for the infant carrier. This worked well with our Chicco infant car seat to just snap in...and then our 3 year old could sit on the other side. Unfortunately, we just didn't use this enough to make it worth purchasing. My two older kids usually like to walk (and then we'd just use our Chicco stroller rather than taking the big double jogger). And the times I went for long walks or runs my youngest was already 6 months old by then and I'd just put her in the seat and strap her in (didn't need the adapater for the car seat).