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  • Rose - Near perfect!

    There are several wonderful recipes from the Harry Potter books! Steak and Kidney Puddings, Treacle tarts, several delicious casseroles and pasties as well as all of the luscious desserts that are mentioned throughout all of the books. The only major recipe missing was Butter Beer. There are simple breakfast recipes that children will be able to make (especially for breakfasts) as well as more complicated dinner and dessert recipes that will WOW and dinner or garden parties!

  • Beata Allen - Can't sleep without it!

    I have restless leg syndrome. I can't get comfortable and my legs twitch all night long even when I sleep. This is hard on me and my husband. When I take Natural Calm, my legs relax and I'm able to get a good nights rest.

  • Richie - SteelSeries QcK - Gets the job done. Superbly.

    I was looking to replace my "Superpad" which, as far as I know, is no longer in business. I bought three of those suckers (almost 15 years ago) and eventually wore them all out... but this baby is basically the exact same thing with a little bit more durability and better stain resistance- the biggest difference IMO (other than having a logo on it) is a little bit less friction that what I'm used to. It only took me less than an hour to get used to in in CS:GO - tweren't no thing.

  • Paul Migneault - It's a nice case that seems to be sturdy and fairly easy ...

    It's a nice case that seems to be sturdy and fairly easy to use. I can't seem to use it as a stand for my Fire tablet without propping the whole thing against a heavy object. I may try to laminate a piece of plastic or metal to the three segments of the cover to allow it to be a better back brace.