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  • Amazon Customer - old stretch marks.

    best product I ever tried for my stretch marks, it runs really fast and it's a bit pricey but it does miracles.

  • HHOMedia - Worth watching

    Amazon and Kelly did a pretty good job here. It lagged a little towards the end, there were a few characters that could have been a little more developed, but over all...a solid four stars. Binge worthy for sure. I would have like to see Stultz's character developed a little more, they just kind of left you hanging there. There were a few other characters whose story just didn't finish. As always Billy Bob crushes it, it was almost like the series was written around his persona. Dwight Yoakam is always awesome, although his part in this series is small. Again, watch it, you won't be disappointed.

  • Amber Gallia - Used to be the best....hopefully works again

    I used to buy proactive and it was not only expensive but really drying. I saw the 3 step acne free system at Costco and found that less drying but effective at keeping my skin free of blackheads and pimples. When Costco stopped selling it I was able to get just the cleanser at super store... sadly they stopped stocking it. The cleanser on its own is much less drying and worked really good at keeping my skin clear. Because I haven't been able to buy acne free at the supermarket for quite some time I've noticed my skin has a lot of blackheads and frequent breakouts. I'm a mom of a busy toddler and work part time, sometimes I forget to wash my face before bed which is most likely contributing to my poor skin, I'm going back to using just the acne free cleanser in my morning shower. Seemed to do the trick before.

  • Magic - Fast shipping

    I definitely recommend this seller. I swear I had the product the next day!! I know I can get these for free at the bank, but I have trouble getting out, so for the price, this was great! Thank you!!

  • LJ Rasper - I love my "on demand" fitness coach!

    I pre-ordered four of these, two each for me and my spouse. When I was deciding to pre-order, she said don't bother ordering for her, but now she uses it more than I do 😀. I couldn't decide on the colors so I ordered one of each - black, white, red and blue.