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  • C. Sims - Effectiveness wins a prize!

    No doubt, the inventor deserves the equivalent of a Nobel prize for first, invisioning a way to combine simple ingredients into a solution that truly does work well for "THAT" smell. It also works on foul urine odor.) Secondly, for excellence in creativity for the names, packaging and spectacular marketing. (Watch the hilarious, ingenious YouTube commercials.) This particular fragrance is nice, but it needs more lavender oil. It smells more like vanilla-Lemon Pledge, but like heaven compared to doo doo! As much as I'm impressed with the overall product, I'm not by the price. Thus, only 4 stars. Why? It's quick & easy to make at home! No lie. Google it. Pinterest is full of recipes, too. Simple drug store glycerin (the coating agent) and excellent essential oils are the key. Don't get me wrong, this stuff is fabulous! But, if you're willing to make your own, you'll save A LOT of money by spending just a little time. And, you can name your own. If you run out, pour a little water and grease-fighting dish soap in the squirt bottle until you make/buy more.

  • 661murray - liked the old 2000 streelt 8

    after using this for several trips I am dissappointed. hard to understand the new controlling key strokes. liked the old 2000 streelt 8. if I can find the old streets I will go back. maps are better in the new but yall still don't have much for a camper; i.e. rest stops, parks state parks, and the controls to show the above.cannot find whole towns. the only thing worse is the competition. like the left click center. yall don't show beaches none to good. also some fairgrounds.

  • Learning with Mark W - Great improvement over the original but...

    Rocksmith 2014 is a great upgrade to the original Rocksmith. However using the new version has caused me some good, bad and ugly! I purchased the original Rocksmith last November after purchasing a guitar. I played guitar a little bit in my teens and 20's but now that I'm in my late 30's I really wanted to learn to play versus just tinkering around. The original Rocksmith got me past the basics very quickly. I only learned and mastered a few songs but my friends and family were amazed and impressed how fast I picked things up. The original Rocksmith was great but the interface and game play was a little clunky and slow.

  • juan - Great tv for the price

    After tinkering to get the right settings for game and movie its awesome! Crisp visual solid colors and 4k apps are just jaw dropping! For the price i would highly recommend this great Tv! Only thing i would say its not the best would be the remote lol.

  • Mike Milligan - Exactly what we needed.

    The OEM antenna on our GMC Terrain was too tall to fit in our low garage. This stubby one solves that problem. Radio reception isn't quite as good as the original antenna, but what can you expect with less antenna?

  • Steve - Terrible, do not buy

    Bought the drink from a different website but wanted to share my review with Amazon friends. This stuff does NOTHING! A typical As Seen On TV scam, they get you with the shipping cost and return fees, because they know you will try to return the item. I suggest a glass of OJ and a multi-vitamin.